Foreigners flock to mine gold illegally in Colombia

The number of foreigners involved in illegal mining in Colombia is on the rise as metal profits including gold exceed those of cocaine, police said.

Citizens from Italy, Brazil and China have been arrested in Colombia this year as authorities attempt to halt money flows and environmental destruction arising from the illegal activity.

“This is the biggest source of funding at the moment for illegal armed groups, bigger than cocaine,” General Luis Martinez, who heads Colombia’s rural police, said in an interview in Bogota. “The economy this is generating is extremely worrying. The criminal economy.”

A kilogram of cocaine is worth four million pesos ($1,860) in Colombia and can lead to a prison sentence. There’s nothing illegal about possessing a kilogram of gold, which is worth 90 million pesos, Martinez said.

An Italian and three Brazilians were arrested at an illegal gold mine in Colombia’s northern Antioquia province in January, with another Brazilian arrested in the same area in March, the police say.

In September two Brazilians were arrested in the southern Caqueta province, while seven Chinese nationals were arrested in the northern Bolivar province the same month.

Perverse Transfer
Foreigners involved in the practice typically own the illegal gold operations, organizing local communities to work at the mines, said Colonel Wilson Chaparro, who heads the rural police illegal mining unit.

“These people are also bringing technology that’s not permitted and damages the environment,” Chaparro said during the joint interview. “They’re teaching Colombians to extract gold. It’s a perverse and illegal knowledge transfer.”

Foreigners flock to mine gold illegally in Colombia

The mining frequently involves large dredges that suck up mud from riverbeds, from which gold is extracted using mercury and cyanide before the contaminated sediment is returned to the river, Chaparro said.

Platinum, coltan, coal and construction materials are also mined illegally by armed groups, police data show. Groups involved include guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, as well as organizations without political ideology.

International Networks
Foreigners that run illegal mines in Colombia are also involved in exporting the metals abroad, Chaparro said.

“Illegal mining doesn’t happen by accident,” he said. “It’s clearly planned out. We can’t yet say there are sophisticated networks at the international level, but they are working on their construction.”

Police are collaborating with other authorities domestically to determine export routes and verify evidence that suggests some legal mining companies with concessions in Colombia may be buying the illegal gold, Chaparro said.

Colombia produced 56 million tons of gold in 2013 while the two largest legal producers, Mineros SA and Gran Colombia Gold Corp., produced 6.7 million tons between them, according to data from the mining agency and mining association.

“Where does the rest come from?” Chaparro said. “Part of the production comes from illegal mining, and part from gold contraband.”

Harper govt. expands support for offshore Canadian mining

Canada’s Ministers of Natural Resources and International Trade, as well as the minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for North Ontario unveiled Canada’s Strategy for the Extractive Sector Tuesday during the Mining Association of Canada’s (MAC) annual Mining Day on the Hill luncheon.

Key elements of the Extractive Sector Strategy include: leveraging trade and investment agreements to provide the certainty and the predictability necessary for Canadian mining and energy companies to invest and operate abroad; transforming business opportunities into business successes through ‘economic diplomacy’ and on-the-ground support; advocating for improved governance and regulatory frameworks abroad and sharing best practices.

Other elements in the strategy include: increasing training abroad to support the extractive sector; and expanding stakeholders’ linkages to ensure the Canadian government is responsive to the needs of mining and oil and gas sectors, including developing annual market access plans for priority markets.

The Harper Government also announced that it will work to “ensure the long-term success of Canada’s mining and oil and gas sectors by keeping taxation low, eliminating red tape, and modernizing the regulatory regime for major projects.”

Harper govt. expands support for offshore Canadian mining

“These companies, many of which are small- and medium-sized enterprises, have built a world-renowned reputation based on Canadian know-how in exploration, engineering, extraction, development and financial management,” said the agency. “When extractive resources are developed and managed in an economically, social and environmentally responsible manner, job creation is facilitated and sustainable economic growth can occur in countries and communities where they are operating.”

With interests in more than 8,000 properties, both domestically and in over 100 countries, Canadian mining and mineral exploration companies account for almost half of global activities in the mining sector, according to Natural Resources Canada. From 2008-2013, 39% of global mining equity and more than 70% of all global mining equity financings were handled through the TSX and the TSX Venture Exchange—more than through any other stock exchange in the world, NRC noted.

The nation’s extractive sector, which also includes oil and gas as well as mining companies, generated C$174 billion in exports for Canada in 2013 for 39% of the nation’s total exports. These industries account for 13% of GDP and more than 380,000 jobs in the country. Nearly 3,200 suppliers of equipment and services support the Canadian mining industry.

Canadian mining companies paid C$18.9 billion in the form of taxation and royalties to Canadian federal and provincial governments from 2008 to 2012, averaging C$4 billion annually.

“The mining sector’s financial strength helps to sustain private pension funds and the Canada Pension Plan,” NRC said.

“The Harper Government has negotiated and concluded free trade and foreign investment protection agreements at an unprecedented rate over the past eight years, positioning Canada’s globally-leading mining sector for success. The new strategy will add distinction to Canada’s mining brand and should send a clear signal to other mining countries to take note,” said Mining Association of Canada (MAC) CEO Pierre Gratton in a news release Tuesday.

MAC suggested that the Extractive Sector Trade Strategy complements the release of the renewed Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) Strategy, Doing Business the Canadian Way, which was announced by Canada’s Minister of International Trade Ed Fast on November 14th.

CSR Strategy, Doing Business the Canadian Way

The 2014 enhanced CSR strategy is aimed at strengthening “Canada’s leadership and earned reputation for excellence in CSR,” said the International Trade Ministry. “It also demonstrates the Government of Canada’s commitment to ensuring Canadian companies continue to exhibit the highest CSR standards and best practices while operating abroad.”Harper govt. expands support for offshore Canadian mining

“The Government of Canada is setting a high bar for corporate responsibility performance—one that our members embrace,” said Gratton. “The new strategy will add distinction to Canada’s mining brand and should send a clear signal to other mining countries to take note.”

Rodney Thomas, president of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, observed, “The Government of Canada has an important role to play in supporting both the global competitiveness of the Canadian mineral industry and its ability to contribute to the sustainable development of the societies in which it operates. The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) supports the steps taken to promote responsible mineral development through this strategy.”

Among the CSR activities of Canadian Missions abroad are the first Base Metals Symposium in Cotê d’Ivoire this month and the Executive Program in CSR, Strategy and Management in April in Ghana.

In February, the Canadian Embassy in Peru launched the project, Promoting Competitiveness and Economic Diversification in Extractive Regions in the northern province of Trujillo, Peru. Co-funded by Barrick Gold, Antamina and Rio Tinto, the C$21-million projects aims to improve the economic and social conditions of people living in mining regions. It will support 3,000 family farms grouped in 30 cooperatives, mostly in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Harper govt. expands support for offshore Canadian mining

In a news release Tuesday, Gratton said, “Taken together, these two strategies send a welcome signal that Canada supports and promotes a strong and vibrant Canadian mining sector both at home and abroad. The Government of Canada is also setting a high bar for corporate responsibility performance, which our members embrace.”

Gratton noted that the Canadian mining industry has also supported the government’s practice of embedding dedicated trade commissioners into industry associations. “As mining is both a complex and global sector, MAC has seen the benefits of this program as it provides a platform for trade commissioners to learn more about our industry and align government efforts to further enhance Canada’s strength in mining overseas,” he said.

“When taken with the CSR strategy that sets expectations of companies to adhere to international standards regarding social and environmental practices and strengthens Canada’s international dispute resolution mechanisms such as the Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor and the OECD National Contact Point, Canada is well positioned as a global leader in the extractive sector,” the association said.

Sebastiya protests against sewage dumping

Today, the village of Sebastiya held its first demonstration in order to protest the flooding of its land by the sewage coming from the nearby Jewish-only settlement of Save Shomron. Around 150 people from Sebastiya, together with Israeli and international activists, participated in the demonstration which was broken up quickly by tear gas canisters and stun grenades.

Sebastiya protests against sewage dumping

A convoy of vehicles ran from the village to the land next to the settlement where the sewage water is being dumped. Palestinians held the Friday prayer on the fields and after that, demonstrators marched towards the settlement. Soon afterwards, Israeli forces started to shoot tear gas canisters and stun grenades at protesters. As people ran through the fields Israeli forces continued firing tear gas canisters and Palestinian youth threw some stones back. One person was taken away by ambulance as a result of overexposure to tear gas. The protest lasted for an hour.


Sabastiya is an ancient village located just 10 km north of Nablus. For over a decade, residents of the village have been suffering harassment from Israeli forces and settlers. In 2001 settlers uprooted and destroyed around 1000 olive trees, substantially damaging the land of several families. In 2006 the Israeli army put up a fence in an attempt to confiscate the land where the trees had originally been, but farmers from the village pulled it down.

Sebastiya protests against sewage dumping

Recently, the nearby settlement of Shave Shomron has been pumping their raw and untreated water sewage directly onto Palestinian fields, poisoning the apricot and olive trees. In addition to holding demonstrations, residents of Sabastiya are currently bringing legal action against Shave Shomron in order to stop the settlement from dumping its sewage on Palestinian lands.

YouTube Time Stamp For Brands, Because “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

How brands can take advantage of the new YouTube Time Stamp feature for targeted messaging and fostering social engagement.

In situations when a GIF or Vine just isn’t enough to fully convey the context of your brand’s message, you’d likely take the next logical step and include video. Problem being, that you usually only want to share a specific part of the video before your target audience loses interest, believes you’re crazy or responds with the dreaded “tl;dr”. If you were web savvy you could have included the #t=0h0m0s coding at the end of your YouTube link so your video started right where you wanted, but let’s be honest “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

YouTube Time Stamp For Brands, Because “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

YouTube has recently and quietly introduced what I am coining as the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” button. Now, instead of adding the time stamp coding to your link, you can simply click the “checkbox” and generate a link to the video starting it at the point where you want it. This is a good move for YouTube to help foster additional social sharing and make YouTube clips as ubiquitous as GIFs.

YouTube Time Stamp For Brands, Because “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

This should be enticing for brand managers, as it gives the freedom to show and express ideas via YouTube by cutting the through the fluff and sending people directly to the intended point of interest. Brands could also use this for directed messaging, allowing the use of one video with multiple responses, rather than creating a number of videos, cutting down on expense and increasing overall views. By linking users directly to the content they’re looking for, brands can drive views on one particular video, increasing the potential for engagement without diluting the potential view count.

Backcountry Camping Food Ideas

When you are planning a backcountry camping trip, you must pack foods that will take up the least amount of space, require simple preparation and provide you with enough nutrients and energy. Select a variety of breakfast foods, trail snacks, beverages, dried beans and grains, dehydrated meals, meats and fish, and flavorings to sustain you while camping in the backcountry.

Breakfast Foods

Select easily digestible, instant carbohydrates and vitamin-rich dried fruits for breakfast. Cook instant oatmeal or farina in a pot over a fire or camp stove and add dried fruits and some sugar for an energizing breakfast. Other options include muesli and protein bars.

Backcountry Camping Food Ideas Trail Snacks

Snack on salty foods that are high in carbohydrates to help sustain your energy while hiking. Pack granola bars, cookies, trail mix and nuts. Put them in an easily accessible compartment so you can grab them throughout the day without stopping or digging through your pack.


Always carry at least two 32-oz. water bottles or a large Camelbak with you. Plan on drinking about 8 oz. of water every 30 to 60 minutes while hiking. Invest in a portable water filtration system so you can refill water from any water source and safely drink and cook with it. Besides water, bring hot chocolate mix and powdered milk as supplemental beverages to provide warmth and extra calories.

Dried Beans and Grains

Dried beans and grains provide protein and fiber. Boil your beans in water for 5 minutes then cover. Soak the beans in the hot water for 45 minutes to an hour before cooking. Beans, rice and lentils can take one to two hours to cook after soaking, so start cooking as soon as you set up camp for the night. For a faster alternative, try instant rice and dry, powdered beans.

Backcountry Camping Food Ideas

Dehydrated Meals

A wide variety of dehydrated soups and meals are available for camping trips. Carefully read the instructions for preparation before buying; choose meals that require only one pot and limited ingredients. Buy dried soup and pasta mixes that only need water. Sporting good stores often carry a wide range of dehydrated meals, such as chili, mac and cheese, stroganoff, and chicken teriyaki, that are special formulated for hiking trips. Eat large meals at the end of the day when your body has time to sufficiently digest them.

Meats and Fish

Eat meat and fish sparingly and only at night because they require a significant amount of energy to digest. Eat canned tuna, sardines, spam and chicken immediately after opening. Choose beef jerky or other dried, lean meats for protein. Fresh meat will spoil quickly, so don’t take it into the backcountry. If you know how to hunt or fish, however, prepare wild game as you catch it. Try catching trout, walleye and rabbit for small meals. Eat them the same day.


Pack a selection of spices and other flavorings to improve the taste of dried foods. Bring salt, pepper, mixed herbs, sugar and bouillon cubes packed in small, airtight containers, such as film canisters or sandwich bags. You can also find small containers with twist-off caps at craft stores.

Anniversary Get Away Ideas on a Budget

Times are tough, but that does not mean you should let something as important as your anniversary roll on by without commemorating the occasion. There are plenty of ideas that will get you away for your anniversary without costing you a fortune. The beach, the mountains or a nearby cabin in the woods would all be wonderful places to remember your special day and keep your pocketbook intact.

The Beach 

Pack up a picnic and go to the nearest beach. Reminisce about days gone by. Let your loved one know what she means to you. Give her something that you have written just for her or read her some romantic poetry. After your picnic you can walk along the pier and then get some ice cream to share. When the sun starts setting, sit back together and just take it in while you are holding hands.

The Mountains

Take a scenic drive up to the mountains. You can stop at little country stores and antique shops along the way. Take some pictures to remember this day. Do not rush your time. This is your time and it should be free from stress. On the way home plan to stop at a quaint, little country restaurant where you never have eaten before.

A Cabin in the Woods

There is something very romantic about a cabin in the woods. Rent a cabin in the woods, even if just for overnight. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows, take a hike, enjoy the silence. Sit in front of the fireplace holding hands like when you first met. Talk about your life together. Cook a simple dinner with wine and candlelight. Go to bed early and snuggle up. Make sure there are no phones, televisions or other distractions. This is a time for you both to get away without the world interrupting you.


A few dozen people hit Somar in December to watch the trailer for Clouds. Multiple times throughout the night, a two-minute sample of what could be played on the screen: An Oakland-based, scripted, television show that explores love and life as a 20/30something unapologetically and with humor. In the show this dude Malcolm moves to the Bay to do the tech thing. Really he moves here for his girl, but she dumps him, so yeah he moves here for this Tech thing. Now he’s got to launch a startup and get back in the dating game. And the dating game for the late 20s early 30s crowd these days is, uh, interesting…


Notice, there’s a trailer but I said “sample of what could be.” Right now, the team is trying to build buzz and get funding to create the television series and build the Luv Note App. There are a bunch of reasons that I hope this takes off. Yeah, I know the dudes who created the series. I also know a few of the actors. My friends do dope shit and I want them to succeed. But this is bigger than my friends.

A lot of people complain about the state of television, film, and media in general. Not as many people invest the time and energy to create what it is they want to see. The writers peeped a void and they are working to fill it. I imagine Clouds as a show where I will actually see myself, my circle and my reality. When I first read the script, I saw layers and nuance in the characters. I also saw a show that wasn’t trying to be the new (insert whatever tv show you grew up watching and have romanticized knowing damn well that shit wouldn’t make it today). Clouds is a show about the here and now.


Another reason I’m hyped: It’s in Oakland. Many of us who grew up here tied our success to getting out of Oakland. The Town instilled in us a hustle and drive that allowed us to go any city and thrive, but the key to success was often getting to another city. I often think about the folks from Oakland doing major shit in other regions and wonder what could happen if that talent came home. I’m also always thinking about media and the ability to create industry where we are and with the talent we have. As I’ve watched tech thrive and evolve in Oakland, I’ve wondered what other industries not originally associated with our city could experience a boom here.

Also, these folks are building an app that matches you and potential mates based on your taste in music. And I’m here for it.

All that to say, you should watch the trailer. You should like the Facebook page. And if you like what you see, you should put (at least) 5 on it.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana

There are many places in and around Shreveport, Louisiana that many consider haunted. Be warned that the locations below may be on private property with local authorities continuously checking the locations. The area flaunts its history with wounded soldiers, lost children, and gray clad prisoners. The area hosts many locations that draw in scare seekers and ghost hunters.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana


South of Louisiana State University around Highland Road near Lee Drive, Confederate soldiers cross the road mostly in October and November.


Forbing Railroad Tracks has several stories surrounding it. One includes a van load of children and an oncoming train. Rumors say that dusting the vehicle with flour yields child-sized prints.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana


The C.E. Byrd High school suffered a drowned teenage girl in the pool and then a teacher killed himself. A janitor and students, the exact reasoning unknown, caught fire in Old Elerbee Road School. Bells and screams occur at this oddly intact location.


Several stories and locations in Shreveport contain bells like the story of Taylortown Bell Tower, which was once a church. The story involves a bride, a late groom and a set of stairs.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana


Two locations in Shreveport once host criminals and security guards. The Old Caddo Correctional Center suffers paranormal activity relating to the violent beatings and many deaths at the site. In the Caddo Detention Center witnesses claim to see headless gray clad prisoners, mysterious cell door shutting, and locations where animals refuse to enter.

10 Tips Dealing With Collection Agency

10 Tips Dealing With Collection AgencyMany people with good credit found themselves in trouble recently due to the lost of their “safe” jobs.

You try to pay your bills while looking for jobs. Applying to hundreds of positions with no luck.Your child or yourself might end up in a hospital due to health complication in the process.

Eventually you run out of your savings and the credit card are the first bills you just can’t pay if you have a mortgage and small children. You miss few payments, the letters and phone calls keep coming.

I was there…..June 2009 few days after my 40th birthday I learn the hard way and for the first time in my life how some collection agents operate and what illegal lengths some banks (CIBC) will go to collect.

I was scared, stressed out and caught by surprise…..till I educated myself and learned how to protect myself and my sanity from the blood thirty wolves at my front door.

Most of the credit card companies and banks will work with you as long as you return their calls. They realize that for many years you have been paying your bills on time and that your credit was very good. They know that eventually you will get a job and they are willing to wait or put you on a special payment plan that you can afford.

So what if you made a mistake and applied for a credit card in the good old days with one of the not so nice companies (CIBC)?

They don’t want to hear your story, they don’t really offer you much help and they are not willing to wait and give you the benefit of the doubt even thou you were with them for over 10 years with perfect credit.

Well, these companies will hire a Collection Agency to do their dirty work for them. First you will receive a threatening or intimidating letter and then the harassment might start (depends on the integrity of the collection 10 Tips Dealing With Collection Agencyagency hired).

If you live in the province of British Columbia there are few things you need to know to protect yourself and keep your sanity.

As long as you reside in British Columbia you are protected by the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act of British Columbia no matter where the Collection Agency is located.

#1 A collector is not allowed to call you till 5 days after the collector has sent a written notice explaining their intention. If they call and you inform them that you haven’t received the notice they are required to send another notice to the address given by you and wait another 5 days before contacting you again.

#2 Once you receive the notice you are entitled to send a letter to the Collection Agency informing them that you do not wish them to contact you by phone, but in writing only. After they receive your letter they are in a violation if they contact you by phone (I highly recommend this).

#3 The collector is not allowed to communicate or attempt to communicate with any member of your household, family, friends and others (which they will try to do) unless the person guaranteed repayment of your debt (co-signer of your debt) or the collector needs your home address and home phone number (if you send them letter with your address that’s all they need to know).

#4 A collector is not allowed to collect or attempt to collect from a person not liable for the debt (another dirty thing some collection agents will try to do).

10 Tips Dealing With Collection Agency#5 A collector is not allowed to contact you at work unless they don’t have your home address or number and they are only calling to request them. Also if you ignore the letters and phone calls at your home they are allowed to call you at the place of work (that’s why it’s important to respond to them).

#6 A collector is not allowed to call your employer unless to confirm your employment and get a business address (you are not required at any time to inform the Collection Agency if and where you are employed).

#7 When trying to collect a collector is not allowed to give any false or misleading information (for example: if you don’t pay your debt in full within 2 days the bank is allowed to take 50% off your paycheck immediately).

#8 In a communication with you a collector is not allowed to use threatening, coercive, intimidating or profane language (many of them use these tactics on the phone to scare you). They are not allowed to use excessive or unreasonable pressure ( for example: they will try to give you 2 business days to pay your complete debt, no payment plan accepted).

#9 A collector is not allowed to start or continue a legal proceeding to recover the debt unless you’ve been given a notice. They are not allowed to start a legal proceeding unless they informed you first.

#10 A collector is not allowed to threaten to start legal proceedings unless they have a written authority from the creditor (most cases the bank they are collecting for).

Unfortunately, sometimes life throws us a curve and we are faced with unexpected financial difficulties. The most important thing is to stay strong and try to do the best we can to resolve our situation.

I hope this article will help you to deal with your debt and collection agencies with more understanding and less fear. We work hard and when we are down nobody has right to treat us like a common criminal. We are human beings who need help and support not a kick when we’re down.

Most provinces have similar business practices. Just contact your provincial Business Practices office to find out how can you protect yourself.

The most important part is to educate yourself. It’s not as scary as it seems and you have choices and people to help you to get through it.

And remember…it’s not personal, you are just a number.

Wean Cubes Baby Food Containers

Wean Cubes Baby Food ContainersOnce in awhile I am contacted by companies to help them spread the word about their new products.

When I decide to promote anything on my websites the product or service must be family friendly and I have to agree with company’s mission statement.

One of the companies I decided to promote is WEAN GREEN company.

Wean Green company asked me to help them spread the word about their WEAN CUBES Glass Baby Food Containers.

Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to provide parents with safe and environmental baby products.

Not only Wean Green products are environmentally friendly, but they are also partners with 1% For the Planet, an organization dedicated to building and supporting an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

I love to do my part and I love to promote environment conscientious companies especially in Canada.

The founder of Wean Green and fellow Canadian busy mom Melissa sent me a box of their Wean Cubes and asked me to give them an honest try…..I was more then happy to….

Wean Cubes Baby Food ContainersWean Cubes – Glass Baby Food Containers are a safe, environmentally friendly food storage alternative. They were designed with you and your baby in mind – they are durable, easy to clean, and can go everywhere you and your baby do.

When I received my package and I was very impressed.

The Wean Cubes came in a box from recycled paper. The box contained 4 – 4oz (120ml) glass jars with bright colored lids.

Inside the box I found a little paper with care and usage instructions. After reading it I discovered that the piece of paper I was about to throw away was in fact Wildflower Seed Paper. I can’t wait to watch it bloom.

When it comes to the actual Wean Cubes I have 6 reasons to love them:

  1. Smart Clips – there are four locks that that securely hold the lid in place, keeping food in and air out.
  2. Extreme Durability – they are made out of extremely durable glass design to withstand extreme temperatures. Wean Cubes can go directly from freezer to microwave to the table. They are dishwasher friendly.
  3. Style – they are made with thoughtful color and design elements. The smart design ensures that food stays fresh.
  4. Airtight Seal – the silicone seal is designed to stop leakage and keep the container airtight.
  5. Measuring Lines – on the side make proper portioning easy.
  6. Safe Material – Wean Cubes are BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Plasticizer FREE.

Wean Cubes Baby Food ContainersWean Cubes come in 4 different colors – Raspberry, Blueberry, Peas and Carrots. They are perfect size for diaper bags or purses. They are easy to grab and hold on to while feeding your baby.

Wean Cubes are perfect containers for toddlers and preschoolers as well. They can be used for snacks, cereal, apple sauce.

For one low price you can get years and years of use from Wean Cubes.

Another thing you need to know that Wean Cubes that glass they are made from is 100% recyclable and sustainable.

By purchasing Wean Cubes – eco-friendly food containers for your baby you will:

  • keep your child safe from toxic and harmful products
  • help the environment
  • support a great cause
  • support hard working mom and her vision

Yes, Wean Green was founded in 2008 by hard working mom Melissa Gunning (the proud mom of two little weaners). Melissa has combined her passion for healthy living and happy babies and channeled it into Wean Green.

In just over two years Wean Green Eco-friendly Wean Cubes received i Parenting Media Award and were featured in Birth Of A Mother magazine.