Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing? Safaris, natural landscapes, savage animals and coffee plantations: the words describe some of the things for whom Cameroon is famous. Its tall mountains and its forests with extensive fauna and vegetation attract tourists and investors. The country is among the top African producers and exporters of cotton and bananas. What’s more interesting is that the official languages are English and French, and not an African dialect. Actually, in Cameroon live hundreds of ethnic groups with distinctive traits, who speak more than 200 languages.

Cameroonians’ highest value is a sense of belonging to their family. And by family, they don’t mean parents and maybe grandparents. Couples tend to have many kids, so families are large. Besides the nuclear family, any aunt, Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing? uncle, grand-grandparent, cousin, nephew and all the long lost relatives are just as important as siblings are. If a family member asks for a favor, one may try to bargain its way out but will most likely comply. Cameroonians gained a reputation for always being late. It takes usually an hour after the scheduled time for the guests to arrive. They’re laid back, they don’t like planning ahead and mock serious people.

You may hear from your Cameroonian friends about juju. It was some sort of witchcraft or belief system that consisted in placing a good or bad spell on someone, keeping an active connection through the spell with that person. Surprisingly, juju’s mysteries seem to be useful in soccer. Cameroon has a very competitive soccer team and juju guarantees good luck. They also use juju similarly to karma, to say ‘bad things happen to bad people’ or ‘(s)he attracted bad juju’. They fear witchcraft. Don’t give piggyback rides or carry your child on your shoulders – the devil will possess them. Some statues of their gods lie hidden in mountain caves and it’s said that Cameroonians would sacrifice albinos or white people to make peace with their deities. However, this is just a sensationalized tale from Western media.

Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing? You should though believe everything you heard about Waza National Park. It’s one of the most beautiful, largest and most diverse park in Africa, with wild animals and breathtaking landscapes. Art museums display great examples of African crafts and artworks. Performing arts play a key role in the culture. Go out and enjoy the dances, they’re spiritual manifestations and so is the music. However, less serious dances attract the youth that loves to party. You may be surprised by the exciting nightlife here.

Last Minute Travel Ideas

travelWhen it comes to travel, many people like to plan their trips in advance to allow plenty of time for research and preparation. Planning ahead can be beneficial, but taking advantage of last minute travel deals can save you money. Many businesses are trying to fill up rooms or sell last minute tickets which can be big savings for you. So if you have a flexible schedule, consider these last minute travel ideas.

All-Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean
All-inclusive resorts such as Sandals offer last minute deals when they are trying to fill their resort to capacity. These deals usually fall in three day increments and the resort advertises them about three months ahead of time. If you travel during these times you can save a significant amount off the regular room rate. Because these vacations are all-inclusive with food, drink and entertainment you will not need to do a significant amount of travel research prior to your departure making it an even more ideal choice for a last minute vacation. You can check or call 1-888-Sandals to inquire about last minute deals. The resorts are couples-only and are located in the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Antigua.

Local Attraction
Regardless of where you live, it is likely the countryside is not too far away. Perhaps there is a beach within a short drive of your hometown or agribusinesses such as orchards and berry farms. Travel to an area such as central Kentucky during the fall where you can visit local vineyards, stay in a Bed and Breakfast or catch the horse races at Keeneland Race Course. In a city such as Portland, Oregon you can take a drive out to Tillamook to tour the cheese factory and then ride out to the coast and enjoy a weekend on Cannon Beach. When choosing to take a vacation someplace near to your home you won’t need to worry about flight reservations. It is an ideal choice when you decide on a vacation at the last minute.

Keeneland Race Course
4201 Versailles Road
P.O. Box 1690
Lexington, Kentucky 40588-1690

Tillamook Creamery
4175 Highway 101 North
Tillamook, OR 97141

If you live near a big city that has an international airport such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles or even Cincinnati there are often last minute travel deals to Europe available. If you are willing to travel to larger cities of Europe such as Paris, London or Dublin keep your eye out for inexpensive flights leaving within a week or in just a few days. These deals are often advertised through your local airport so be sure you sign up for their newsletter or register your email address so you will be sure to receive regular updates on these types of deals.

tripVisit Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a great city to visit on short notice. Once you have your hotel and flight you really don’t need to prepare prior to arriving at your destination. The location offers so much entertainment that you will not be left without things to do. Chances are you’ll even save money by purchasing show tickets at the last minute. If you plan to go during the week it is likely you can get incredible deals on hotels. Casinos on the strip are always emailing last minute promotions where you can receive a free night if you see a show, free buffet passes, deep discounts on rooms and some have even been known to provide airfare credit for a return trip. Be sure you are on the email lists of all your favorite hotels so that you will be sure to receive these promotions as soon as they are released to the public.