10 Best Types Of Massage Therapy

Feeling tense, or stressed out? Most Americans would probably answer yes to such a question. With schedules becoming more and more hectic, it is no wonder the demand for massage therapy is increasing in recent years. Although popularity is just beginning to peak among the populations, massage therapy has been in practice for thousands of years, in several forms.

With all these advancements, there is Advanced Medical Spa & Laser with top-notch equipment and professional and experienced workers. You also get a variety of massages along with all the best massage therapies that are listed here.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage therapy in the U.S. It combines long strokes with circular motions and kneading to the top layers of muscle to produce a very gentle and relaxing experience. Swedish massages are most commonly accompanied by lotion or oil, which adds to the soothing sensations of the therapy.


Using different scented oils and/or lotions to stimulate and calm the senses, aromatherapy is coupled with massaging to create the ultimate sense of tranquility. There are numerous different scents to choose from, depending on the desired effects on the senses.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages very literally use warmed stones that are placed on certain places, or meridians, to help loosen muscles and promote the flow of energy throughout the body. Sometimes pressure can be added to those tenser muscles to help increase the flow.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is popular among those who have pain or tightness in the deeper muscle or connective tissues. By using techniques such as slow stroking, or friction techniques, a masseuse is able to reach these trouble spots, mostly associated with the postural problems, chronic tightness in muscles, or recovery from injury. If unfamiliar with this technique, be aware that some soreness is normal a day or two after the massage.


Originating from Japan, shiatsu massages use rhythmic sequences of localized finger pressure, usually held for anywhere from two to ten seconds, along the meridians, or pathways, of the body. This technique is found to increase the flow of energy through the body, promoting balance and relaxation.

Thai Massage

Using specific points in the body to relieve pressure, Thai massages are much like Shiatsu treatments, except they also combine stretching and compression exercises to also stimulate the flow of energy through the body.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massages are great for those women expecting. This massage is aimed to not only decrease stress and anxiety in the mother-to-be, but also reduce swelling, aches, and pains.


By paying attention to certain points in the feet, it is believed that results will be experienced throughout the rest of the body with reflexology.

Sports Massage

Though great for athletes, a sports massage can also be quite beneficial for those who experience consistent use or strain of certain muscle groups. Its aim is to help prevent injuries, as well as help promote healing among those already sustained.

Back Massage

Lastly, back massages concentrate on the back, helping to relax tense or strained muscles in the back.

In the world of massage, these are just a few of the available treatments, which are more widely available. Any of these massage techniques can be found in a nearby spa or massage therapy clinic. When life becomes a bit stressful, a massage can sometimes be the best release.

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