Sanibel Island is also known as a paradise for seashell lovers. Besides the best shelling in Naples FL there are many other things that you can enjoy as you visit these amazing islands. If you are planning a trip to these amazing islands in Florida there are various things that you should include in your itinerary. Here is the list of the places that you can check out on your trip to Sanibel island:

    • J.N. (Ding) Darling National Wildlife Refuge
      One of the top-rated attractions of Sanibel Island J.N. (Ding) Darling National Wildlife Refuge is a real paradise for animal lovers. You get to see some exotic and endangered species of birds and animals in their natural habitat. With the tropical climate that you have on Sanibel island, you get to see lush vegetation that is food to birds and animals of that area. Within the wildlife refuge, there is a dense and widespread mangrove system that is the natural habitat for some of the endangered species that are found on the island.
      There are approximately 245 different species of birds including white Pelican on the island. You can also observe the endangered species of giant manatees along with 30 other species of mammals. The wildlife refuge also has crocodiles that visitors can watch as they visit there. You also get the option to cover the area as you drive in a car but it is recommended that you opt for rental bicycles or hiking to get much closer and intimate interaction with nature there. 
      The wildlife refuge is located at 1 Wildlife Dr, Sanibel, FL 33957, United States, 239-472-1100. 
    • The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum
      This is an option for seashell lovers. As visitors enjoy collecting seashells as they move around the beach. This museum is your ultimate guide about the seashells. You get to see a wide variety of different seashells in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You get illustrations about seashells as well so that you can determine what seashell is rare and where on the island you can find the shell you want. Moreover, you get to learn about other interesting things that you can do on your trip as you visit the museum.
      This fascinating and amazing museum was established 20 years ago and showcases some of the biggest seashells such as Goliath conch, the lightning whelk, Atlantic trumpet triton, and the horse conch. You will absolutely love your visit to the museum with your family. You can even learn about the history of the Sanibel island and its inhabitants, the Calusa people. You get to peek into their lifestyle and how they used the shell in those days.
      The museum is located at 3075 Sanibel Captiva Rd, Sanibel, FL 33957, 239-395-2233.
    • Sanibel Historical Museum and Village
      Founded in 1984, this museum is your ultimate guide to learn more about the life of the people that inhabited the island along with 7 ancient houses in which they used to live in. You get to learn about the lives of Calusa people how these people moved in the 1800s. All the historic value of those buildings has been preserved as they are well maintained and are open for the public as well. Additionally, there is the Sanibel School House for white children with original desks, the school was founded in 1896. Similarly, there are various historical buildings that you can enjoy as you plan your trip to the Sanibel islands. The address to this institution is 950 Dunlop Rd, Sanibel, FL 33957, 239-472-4648.
    • Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida
      You just can not avoid talking about seashells and beaches as you visit Sanibel Island. As you relax on the sandy beaches of Sanibel Island you kids can play around the beach looking for beautiful seashells. Sanibel Island is quite an interesting spot for seashell lovers around the globe. You have the seashell museum, along with beaches that are full of colorful seashells. Your family is definitely going to enjoy the relaxing vibes that you get from the beaches there. The beaches there are also really popular for sailing and windsurfing. You also get picnic areas where you can get grills, showers, restrooms, along with hiking trails. People visiting the beach can park their vehicles near the beach and relax their fun trip to the beaches. 
    • Sanibel Causeway
      Before the Sanibel Causeway was constructed to connect Sanibel island with Captiva island people had to travel by ferries in order to move around the two islands. After 1963 this is totally changed. With the construction of the Sanibel Causeway visitors can now travel from one end of the island to the other end in just 20 minutes. This allowed visitors to move around more freely as they can now shop and dine around any part of the islands quite easily. 
    • Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW)
      Another place that you can check out as you go on a vacation to the Sanibel islands. This is a wildlife rehabilitation center that is responsible for taking care of more than 3500 injured and sick animals of the island and nearby regions. Visitors can book their trips to this institution so that they can learn more about the externship programs and educational fellowships for undergrad students and internships for vet graduates. 


  • Sissi Janku Art Studio


This is for all the art lovers that visit the island. Sissi Janku is a popular artist on Sanibel island. He owns a studio and an art gallery where visitors can learn more about art and paintings. She was inspired by the beauty of the these tropical regions which is why her paintings are all about colors and tropical patterns depicting the lifestyle and culture of tropical regions. 

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