There are different types of ramps that are available in the market that comes in different shapes, calcul pente, material, and designs. It is really important that you select a type of ramp that is suitable according to your needs and will help you in moving in and out of a building. In this article, we are going to analyze the different designs of the ramps that are available in the market so that you can choose the best one according to your needs. 

  • Threshold ramps are really useful for people that use wheelchairs, scooter, and walkers as it makes door thresholds passable. You get different designs in these ramps as well,  you get ramps that you can easily install in front of your door, however, it is recommended that you install the ramps that can be fixed to the door with the help of screws as that is more durable and sturdy as compared to the other one. 
  • Multi-fold ramps are also known as suitcase ramps. You can easily fold these ramps that allow easy transport. Moreover, you can easily remove these ramps why you are not using them. These ramps are suitable for 2-5 steps and can be found in different lengths(up to 12 feet).
  • Solid surface ramps are more durable and sturdy as compared to other foldable and portable ramps. As there are less moving parts and joints you get a ramp that is suitable for scooters and electric wheelchairs. You can place these ramps for single standard steps. 
  • Gateway ramps are big ramps that have handrails and can be used by both the people on wheelchairs and the people that can walk. You get rails that ensure that you get a safe experience as you get rails. Wheelchair users can even use these handrails to pull themselves up as well. This ramp is most suitable when you get flat landing as it can be a little difficult for people on wheelchairs to operate the door on their own. 
  • Track ramps are widely used to move in and out of vehicles. You get a pair of lightweight ramps that are placed parallel to each other as you use them. Since you get a fixed length with these ramps, they are also used to overcome steps and curbs as well. The non-foldable models of these ramps are considered more durable and sturdier as you get fewer joints and movable parts. 
  • Because of their versatility and adjustable length telescoping ramps are more useful and productive than foldable ramps. Because of their adjustable length, you get over curbs, thresholds, and steps. These ramps are most suitable for manual wheelchairs but might work well with some of the power wheelchairs that are available in the market. 
  • If you are installing the ramp on an uneven surface then you can consider ramps that have transition plates. These self-adjusting transition plates are going to improve the overall stability of your ramp as well. 
  • Travel friendly wheelchairs come with foldable ramps and telescoping channels that allow easier transport of these ramps. You get adjustable ramps that you can use in various situations. You also get some models that can work as track ramps which is why you should consider your requirements as you buy these highly portable ramps. 
  • Modular ramps are the best alternative to permanent ramps. You get highly durable and sturdy ramps that you can order from your local manufacturer. These ramps are made from galvanized steel and aluminum. 
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