A Country on the Cutting Edge of Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery

With the steady growth of cosmetic surgery and its continued advances over the past decade or so, more focus has been turned towards promoting individual countries through medical tourism. This shift has also been prompted by the inability for some of the less advanced countries to offer the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery. The high costs have also made it difficult for patients to afford cosmetic surgery in their own countries. Medical tourism is on the rise as more and more countries are able to provide quality care at significantly reduced prices.

This has become the most apparent in the Philippines where medical tourism has been implemented for many years. Second only to Thailand, the Philippines has been steadily improving the structure of their medical tourism program and has even narrowed the gap considerably between their country and Thailand. The ability to offer cosmetic surgery packages at less than half the cost of some of the more developed countries has really driven this program forward and has allowed the Philippines to benefit from the problem that faces other more developed countries.

Not willing to settle for the number two spot, the Philippines has also developed the Philippine Medical Tourism Program which consists of multiple programs focusing on making their country the number one choice for medical treatment and living well in all of Asia. The program targets both the local and worldwide markets and had really enhanced medical tourism in the Philippines.

Medical tourism is further driven by the governing body of the Philippines. Not only do they offer cosmetic surgery and other surgeries at a rate lower than their competitors, but the country is taking it a step further by promoting the different activities and destinations the islands have to offer. Consistent with the idea of medical tourism, this allows patients an added incentive for receiving their cosmetic surgery in the Philippines. They not only change their appearance but they are able to take in some of the sights and enjoy a stress-free recovery. Of course, an added bonus is the fact that the Filipino people are a friendly, generous and outgoing people by nature. This makes any foreigner feel right at home whether they are there to vacation or for cosmetic surgery.

By combining medical tourism with the need for more affordable cosmetic surgery throughout the world, the Philippines have effectively found a way to become a big player in this industry. By creating a place of relaxation and a must-visit tourist destination, patients can get more for every dollar they spend. And all of this comes with the knowledge that they are receiving the best care with some of the most skilled and educated physicians in the world.

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