Advanced Weight Loss Success With Fitness Program

Advanced weight loss is recommended for people who have worked at least three times a week for several months now. When you say advanced weight loss, it is not recommended for beginners or even those who are faint at heart.

How Do I Get Rid of my Belly Fat Without Surgery? There is no need to perform surgery to get the desired results. There is a fitness program available to the people. A reduction in the loss is possible for the beginners and other results are available.

Generally, advanced weight loss is for those who already had success with fitness program but they have now gone to the point of not seeing any improvements. To see gain another improvement, a heavier fitness program is offered through advanced weight loss.

Some examples of advanced weight loss may include:

Warm up

For warm up, you may start on rowing machine with 1000m in a 500m pace/3 minutes. Then increase the pace by another ten seconds.

Exercise bar with fixated weights

Exercise bar with Fixated weights are used for upper lower complex. Use it back to back with no rest. You may do this with fifteen repetitions per set and repeat it again two to three sets more. The rest for each set should only be between one to two minutes.

  • Deadlift
  • Back squat
  • Press ups
  • Barbell row
  • Static lunges
  • Triathlon

Mini triathlon is part of advanced weight loss. You have to record your distance and time. You can start with running, rowing and biking. The distance should be higher and the time should be faster for each set.

Cooling down

You may cool down using any CV equipment like bike or any x-trainer. Five minutes on any CV equipment can allow your body to recover. After cooling down on CV equipment, you should also do stretching exercises. Stretching every major muscle with hold of thirty seconds may be enough to really cool you down.


Aside from rigorous training, you also need a heavier motive for your advanced weight loss. People tend to stop their advance weight loss goals abruptly since they find the exercise regimen harder than any normal exercises. Therefore, as to get you going, you also need to double your motivation.

There are several ways to motivate you to aim higher. Some ways to motivate you for advanced weight loss may include:

Find a picture that may represent success. Cut a picture of someone who has the body that you want to meet. Place the image near where you exercise. This will motivate you to work harder.

Make sure that you have more serious reasons for advanced weight loss. If you are just doing this for you to wear sexier swimsuits, then that may not be enough since you may lose steam for your weight loss after summer season. It will be even better if you do not just think one summer, instead aim that you want to spend several summers with your family with a body that is more healthy and fit.

As part of motivation, you may also join fitness challenge. Fitness challenge will motivate you to work harder. Likewise, winning prizes can be a good inspiration.

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