An Ultimate Guide To Taking Proper Care Of The Tweety Bird!

Tweety is an integral part of the childhood of our whole generation. Rarely there will be anyone who doesn’t know about the infamous tweety bird. Tweety was its character name as in reality it is known as the Canary bird. Canary is a tiny and immensely cute bird that people love to keep as a pet. These birds are of vibrant color and are quite social. Their average life span is of around 10-15 year, but some of them can live up to 20 years. These birds turn out to be a fantastic pet and form a strong relationship with their owners.

Canary a have more than 200 different brands and is one of the most preferred pet birds. They are known for their fantastic skills and appealing look they inherit. It seems to be a great idea to have one of them as a pet but it is a challenging task to take proper care of them.

You have to focus on the housing of them as excellent housing facilities are necessary to keep them fit and healthy. You must give them a separate cage to keep them safe from other predators, and they must be given the best bird health supplies to maintain their health in the prime condition.

Tips to follow while keeping the tweety bird as a pet

The proper size of the cage

You must buy a large and spacious cage for the canary bird as despite being tiny in size, they love to fly around the cage. So, you must give them enough space to fly around and be comfortable and happy. The height doesn’t matter much, but it must be wide enough for it to fly freely. Adding to it, you must place the cage in such a spot where it gets sufficient amount of light and air but avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as it can harm the bird. Giving some elevation to the cage is also a good idea.

Proper and adequate feeding

The food is the most important thing to consider while taking care of the canary bird. Other than food, water is also crucial for the health of these birds. Usually, canaries cannot go for more than 24 hours without water, so you must keep it hydrated and keep a utensil full of water in its cage. You must also see that the water is clean and pure. There is special food for canaries known as canary pellets, and they are rich in essential vitamins and proteins, which is beneficial for the growth and development of the bird. Usually, in the initial stage, canary won’t like pellet, but you can get them used to it by feeding it to them regularly.

Canary seeds are another amazing option for your bird as they are quite nutritious, and most of the canaries totally love them. You can easily find it at your nearest pet shop. One small spoon for every day is enough for them, but you may increase the dose if you feel that there is any need to do so.

Give them more fruits and veggies

Like humans, canaries also need fruits and veggies as it fulfills all their needs for essential nutrients. You must include fruits and vegetables in their diet, as it is quite beneficial for their health. You must cut them in tiny pieces before feeding them. There some fruits that you should avoid to give to the canaries, and some of them are Avocado and lettuce. Apples, kiwi, mango, carrot, grapes, orange, blueberry are some of the fruits that you can give to your canary.

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