Anniversary Get Away Ideas on a Budget

Times are tough, but that does not mean you should let something as important as your anniversary roll on by without commemorating the occasion. There are plenty of ideas that will get you away for your anniversary without costing you a fortune. The beach, the mountains or a nearby cabin in the woods would all be wonderful places to remember your special day and keep your pocketbook intact.

The Beach 

Pack up a picnic and go to the nearest beach. Reminisce about days gone by. Let your loved one know what she means to you. Give her something that you have written just for her or read her some romantic poetry. After your picnic you can walk along the pier and then get some ice cream to share. When the sun starts setting, sit back together and just take it in while you are holding hands.

The Mountains

Take a scenic drive up to the mountains. You can stop at little country stores and antique shops along the way. Take some pictures to remember this day. Do not rush your time. This is your time and it should be free from stress. On the way home plan to stop at a quaint, little country restaurant where you never have eaten before.

A Cabin in the Woods

There is something very romantic about a cabin in the woods. Rent a cabin in the woods, even if just for overnight. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows, take a hike, enjoy the silence. Sit in front of the fireplace holding hands like when you first met. Talk about your life together. Cook a simple dinner with wine and candlelight. Go to bed early and snuggle up. Make sure there are no phones, televisions or other distractions. This is a time for you both to get away without the world interrupting you.

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Janice Morgan is the head writer at Gonzagala. She loves writing as much as she loves her seventeen cats! Her articles on nature are well appreciated.