Best Pet Grooming Salon Sturbridge, Massachusetts Has To Offer

Your pets need some grooming and sprucing, just like you. But obviously, they don’t need man hair style; they have specific grooming needs only professionals can fulfill.

Pets can be sent along to the equivalent of the $10/a haircut salon, or they can be pampered and spoiled from nose to tail. When you want to give Patches a treat, not just a rough and tumble cleaning, send him to one of the elite pet salons in the area.

Struggling with your dog or cat to to clean them up, trim their hair, and keep their nails groomed can be too much for many pet owners. Even the smallest and sweetest dogs will pull a Jeckyll  amp; Hyde when they see grooming items.

Take away the trauma, and make it a pampering event instead. By paying a professional to groom your pet, you know the job will be well done. You also won’t have to stress, or worry about a wet and bubbly, dog-hair decorated kitchen or bathroom at home.

The following groomers are top notch when it comes to pet care. They will treat your furry family member with care and tenderness.

Top Pet Grooming Salons in Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Bark  amp; Bubble

Bark  amp; Bubble not only has the perfect name, their grooming salon provides just the right type of services for your pampered dogs. Bark  amp; Bubble has a range of services, including some self-serve ones.

By reserving a tub, pet owners can wash their dogs at Bark  amp; Bubble, kind of like the self-serve car washes. By using the facilities at Bark  amp; Bubble, you save yourself a lot of hassle and mess. Instead of using up a cabinet full of bath towels to clean up after thesquirming pooch, you can forgo the mess and still enjoy cleaning your own pet.

You probably don’t have the right equipment in your own home to easily wash and dry your pet, so Bark  amp; Bubble provides that service for you.

Bark  amp; Bubble also provides gentle grooming for your pet cat or pet dog, including brush outs, baths, fluff dry to make the pet warm and comfortable, trimming of pet coats, nail services, and even ear services. Prices vary based on the state of your pet.

The specialty of Bark  amp; Bubble is the “FURminator SHED-Less” lotion treatment to help stop shedding.

Bark  amp; Bubble is located next to Micknuck’s Market, on the left hand side of the road traveling west on Route 20. Their street address is 562 Main Street (Route 20) in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Bark  amp; Bubble is open Tuesdays, Thursdays-Saturdays from 8:30am until 4:30pm. On Sundays Bark  amp; Bubble is open from 10am until 7:30pm. Bark  amp; Bubble is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Call for pricing and appointments: (509) 347-3773.

The Pampered Pooch

The Pamered Pooch offers dog grooming services and boarding for all dog breeds. When your pooch needs basic grooming including a good brushing or dematting, a sudsy bath and a blow dry, and a nail clipping, the Pampered Pooch can accommodate you.

Dogs can even get styled for dog shows or special events.’

The Pampered Pooch also offers other valuable services including flea dips and tick dips. They can also give your pet a medicated skin treatment, for pooches with problems.

The Pampered Pooch is located at 191 City Depot Road in Charlton, Massachusetts. Call for current hours or to make an appointment: (508)248-0056.

Precious Furs Pet Resort

Did your pet have a rendez vous with a skunk? Precious Furs Pet Resort can help with that. They offer skunk baths for the poor pooch who met up with skunk.

Precious Furs also offers some extraordinary grooming for cats and dogs. They also do medicated pet baths and offer a de-shedding program for those extra furry pets.

In addition to grooming, Precious Furs offers boarding and daycare.

Precious Furs Pet Resort is located at 13 Lovett Road, in Oxford, Massachusetts. Their phone number is (508) 223-0585.

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