Birthday Party Games for Children Who Are Slow Learners

Every child loves a fun birthday party. Birthday parties usually include games. Slow learners are no exception. The slow learning children love birthday parties with games too. Sometimes it may be hard to find birthday party games for slow learning children. Here are a few suggestions to help include the slow learning children in the birthday party activities and suggestions for birthday party games for slow learners.

Regardless of the ages of the children at the party, you may be able to quickly figure out if a child is not able to play the same games as the other children. The slow learner will appear not to be able to follow directions and he or she will be the first one out of the games. The child may also appear to be friendless.

When planning the birthday party games, you may want to make sure you have at least one extremely easy game that a child that is a slow learner will like. You can make it a running game, or a directional game, or even use a craft as a game. Through the games, there can be conveying of Birthday Quotes for Son Turning into youngster. The son should be inspired through the quotes conveyed to them. 

Birthday Party Games for “Slow Learners”

Red light, green light (Freeze game) – Red light, green light also known as the freeze game is usually easy for children. You may want to use the terms stop and go instead of red light, green light. The freeze game is also another version of the red light, green light game.

Piñata’s – Depending on the age of the children, you can either have them make piñata’s or you can have a big hanging piñata. Everyone love’s the anticipation of a breaking piñata, so even slow learning children will enjoy the craft or the waiting of breaking a big piñata.

Simon Says – Simon Says is a relatively easily game to explain to children. Depending on the ages and level the slow learner is at he or she would probably enjoy Simon Says.

Race – No matter what the age and level of learning most children will be able to run to a finish line. This will make the slow learner feel included and not “stick out”.

Team games – Any game that the slow learner can participate in as a team, will make the child feel included and everyone will be able to do something. The relay could just be a running or a walking race, carrying an egg on a spoon, putting water on a spoon and carrying it, or even charades.

The most important thing when having Birthday party games for slow learners is not to let the slow learner know the game is specifically for him or her or to let the other children know the game is for the slow learner.

It is important to include all the kids without letting them know what is going on or without them picking on the slow learner. Everyone should be able to have fun without feeling embarrassed or without getting harassed. Birthday party games are supposed to be fun so make it so anyone can play.

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