Boost your Entry Way Security with Door Intercom System today

Heavy locks are not enough to secure your doors.  Remember that intruders can become crafty just to infiltrate your home. That’s why we reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and realized homeowners should certainly think of installing door intercom systems today.

It offers a layer of protection to keep intruders at bay. It’s useful if you don’t want to talk to somebody in the meantime as well. And that’s by letting you identify who’s at the door even before you open it.

What is a Door Intercom System?

A door intercom is a stand-alone system that allows communication from a door unit to other answering units in the household. When somebody rings the doorbell, for example, the answering units would ring for you to make a response. Thing is, you don’t have to answer the call if you don’t want to. Door intercoms can merely display an audio-video feed to the answering unit–letting you know who’s at the door without answering back.

In other words, these intercom systems can act as advance door peepholes or communication devices depending on the situation. You only need to choose and install the right system for the best user experience.

Benefits of a Door Intercom System for Household Security

The main purpose of a door intercom is to help identify who’s at the door before opening it. But it also involves a lot of perks around such purposes, such as:

  1. Helps in Keeping Intruders out

Door intercoms are great in boosting your home’s layer of security. That includes putting intruders or criminals at bay. Thing is, you need the right intercom system to optimize such function. Buy one with audio-visual handling features, efficient alert sending method, and door control mechanisms.

The door unit will send a currently captured audio-visual feed to your answering unit. So, you can easily identify that there’s a stranger at your door. An efficient remote control system helps you keep the door securely locked as well. And if your door unit has motion sensing features, it will automatically alert you when somebody is at the door; even if the person doesn’t ring the doorbell.

Now, you can make a wise decision of calling the cops instead of recklessly opening the door.

  1. Keep Disturbances away

Yes, threats of intruders are major disturbances for your home. But there are minor annoyances door intercoms can help you keep away too.

Think of salesmen constantly ringing your door to talk about their offers. You wouldn’t want to worry about nosy neighbors trying to disturb your rest as well. Sometimes, you also need space from friends whom you feel bad about, so you opt not to let them in for a while.

Those are small things to worry about, but your rest and peace of mind are valuable. It’s a good thing that a door intercom allows you to block their entry conveniently.

  1. Conveniently Operate your Door

Some door intercoms have door mechanism integration features. These are the useful controlling mechanism which allows you to operate your door from a distance.

For example, you’re cooking at the kitchen, then a friend drops-by for a visit. You identify the person through the answering unit near your kitchen, and you want to let him or her inside. Some intercom systems allow unlocking of the door remotely using the answering units. So, you can let your friend inside without leaving your food on the fire.

  1. Plenty of Options for any Household

Lastly, there are several door intercom systems available today. There are wired and wireless systems or those which come with smartphone application controls. In other words, you’ll surely find one that suits your household’s needs.

If you don’t want cables running all over your home, for example, choose wireless door intercom.  If there’s an elderly or a person with movement difficulty in your home, choose one with movable answering units. So, they don’t have to walk to and from the unit each time it rings.

Consider other features that are helpful for you and your family.

Door intercoms are certainly helpful for any household today. But it’s important to choose the right quality system that suits your needs and preferences. In addition, be sure to hire a professional installation service instead of doing it by yourself. That would help optimize its benefits for your home door security.

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