Bowling– A Fun Event For Kids And Adults Alike

If you are looking for something different to try out on the kids this summer, consider bowling. if it’s been a long time since you’ve donned a pair of styling red and grey striped shoes, here are a few pointers to make your outing a complete success.

Pick the right time. Bowling prices vary depending on the day and time. Most alleys are slow during the day, so they will offer specials to entice customers– like 75 cent games or buy one get one free specials. Some evenings offer family specials that include pizza and pop for a set price. Saturdays are almost always “kid days” and are packed with kids, parents, and cartoon animation blaring across the scoreboard. The alley is pumps it’s promotions, so Saturday’s are a good time to pick up coupons and other specials.

Always ask for bumpers! For whatever reason, bumpers are seen as the weak way to bowl. However, rolling balls in the gutter and getting zero points is no fun for anyone, no matter what their age. Whether your child is 4, 8, or18 insist on bumpers! Even for those inexperienced parents, bumpers are an okay way to keep that ball rolling straight! Not only will your score be higher, but your kids will love to see you bowling the same way they do.

Play nice! Bowling can get a little crazy with a lot of kids running around, so it is important to remember a few rules of bowling etiquette. Never use anyone else’s ball unless you have their permission to share. Some people bring their own balls that they have spent a lot of money on, and the last thing they want is an 8 year old cracking it when he throws it straight into a bumper.

Always wait your turn to bowl. Usually the screen will flash your name or initials when it is your turn. Grab your ball but be considerate of your neighbors (you’ll have both if the alley is busy). Common bowling courtesy is to let the person next to you throw their ball across the line before you begin throwing yours. The last thing you want when you are concentrating on the difficult throw is to see a blazing child flying across the corner of your eye.

Never walk out onto the lane. Bowling with small children will result in more than one stuck ball in the lane, but never walk out there on your own to retrieve it. The lanes are oiled daily and are very slippery for those not use to it’s grip. Always let someone from the bowling alley know that you have a stuck ball and then let them handle it.

Bowling is not the only fun thing to do at alleys, either. Most alleys have video and arcade games, a juke box, and a pool table. One of my son’s favorite parts of bowling is shooting pool. Most of the lounges are open to children during the day. Just make sure you or a responsible older child is there to supervise. Also, there is sometimes outside activities like miniature golf and bumper cars designed to bring in families with children. So you see, there is a ton of opportunity for fun this summer at the bowling alley!

You should check out Bowling advisor to learn about different bowling alleys, tournaments and shows that are happening around you. You can just read their reviews and rating and you are ready to roll with your family or friends.

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