Choose The Best Electronic Dartboard For Your Next Game

Playing a dartboard is a common game that most have us have relished during childhood. The game of darts is an engaging and interesting activity for many. However, the sharp ended darts required some attention and care while handling and needed to be kept away from children. With the introduction of electronic dartboards, not only would beginners find it interesting to play the game but it will also engage the serious players in the game.

By offering multiple features like game variations, interactive features and scoring data and averages, the game of darts can keep advanced players as engaged as beginners. These days, electronic dartboards can be found in all major gaming arena zones. With the growing popularity of electronic dartboards and their feasibility over conventional dart boards, it can be quite tempting to choose one for use.

Find a convenient way to choose the best electronic dart boards for your entertainment with this guide.

Choosing the best electronic dartboards for your play

Soft tip electronic dartboards can appear a lot like traditional dartboards. The usual clockwise number scoring on both type of boards is the same. It is only on a closer look that you will come across differences between the two.

Here are a few things that you ought to check before committing to buy an electronic dartboard.

The face of the dartboard

Go for an option that is composed of durable material. Usually, something made with a thermoplastic will fit the bill best for your purpose. The holes on the surface of such material should be well tapered to allow the soft grip of the darts to hold on to the face. Scoring sections must be divided equally with plastic rings and dividers and should be ideally as thin as possible, to avoid out bounce of darts.

Size of the dartboard

Usually, soft tip dartboards happen to be smaller than conventional bristle dartboards. It can range anywhere between 13.5 inches to 15.5 inches in the complete diameter. This is smaller than the usual 18 inches of a conventional board.

Popular brands

A good place to start with, when searching for electronic dartboards, is to look for popular brands. Some of the well known brands in the category of electronic dartboards and soft tip darts are Viper, Laser Darts, Darts Factory, Arachnid 360, Black Widow Darts and more. Arachnid was one of the first few brands in the category of original electronic dartboards to be released. Another popular brand in this category is Viper.

Display quality

Electronic boards come with a variation between LCD and LED display. The display is used to show various elements like the score, player name and more. When you set out to pick the best electronic dartboards, you might want to go with a board that is built with LED display. It is mainly the vibrancy of display, ease of readability, and aesthetics of such board that make it attractive for users. Such LED display boards might also include the functionality to show the difference in scores, players and game details. A screen with LCD might turn out to be duller and difficult to read.

Source of power

It is easy to understand that an electronic dartboard requires electricity to run. Such electronic boards can be built with different power sources such as only AC power or only battery power or a combination of both. If you choose an AC powered board, make sure that it is accompanied by an adapter. Also, opt for an AC powered board only if you will be able to mount it near a power source. If that might not be feasible, look instead for a battery powered board or another board that offers both options.


Considering the safety feature of an electronic dartboard, it makes sense to choose them over the traditional boards. As long as you opt for something with a good and reliable surface, ideal soft tip darts and thin scoring separators, you may never even come to miss your old dartboards. If the trend is to be followed, it is time to ditch your bristle boards for a new electronic dartboard for your upcoming weekends.

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