Compatible Horoscope Signs

Searching for a date is exhausting enough without the uncertainty of whether or not you will get along. This guide will teach you what the correct answer is when you inevitably ask, “What’s your sign?”

The following matches are based on the favorable 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern. The matches in this pattern enjoy a strong and undeniable attraction. There are many other favorable matches in the zodiac besides the 5-9 Pattern, but these are the ones that are most compatible; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

AIR SIGNS (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini)


Aquarius loves to find the truth and won’t settle for less. Although Gemini’s version of truth may sometimes be less than concrete, Aquarius will forgive his little white lies when he speaks to her in the make-believe language they concocted together while laying in bed and eating cake for breakfast.


Libra’s ability to know exactly what Aquarius wants, without having to be told is equally tantalizing. Your common interest in religion, philosophy, and travel to foreign places will fuel heavily debated discussions which ignite your senses. Aquarius had better be willing to concede defeat when Libra’s unfailing logic backs you into a corner. It will pay off in a more intimate way later.


Gemini must accept that Libra will undoubtedly win all of their arguments. Libra will benefit from the necessary surrender of thought and experience the blissful feelings of this union. Gemini must be careful to avoid ending up the victim of his own doublespeak with Libra. Libra is much too logical to be drawn into an argument based on pure emotion.

WATER SIGNS (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio)


Your moods and emotions are subject to change. Luckily, Cancer knows how to predict your mood swings because they are in a direct correlation with his own. (Yours are directed by the tides, while his are subject to the moon.) Cancer understands your need to wander and explore. He or she will even accompany you for a time in your travels. However, she will start to miss her comfy little neighborhood or he will wish for the security of his old (i.e.: well-paying) job and convince you to return to your beloved home.

Scorpio/ Pisces:

Another water sign connection, these two enjoy a rare telepathic link. They often feel as if they’ve met before, their initial attraction is that strong. As long as Pisces plays on the level with Scorpio, they will enjoy being the rare person who knows what is going on behind that gorgeous and piercing gaze. However, this duo must avoid the excesses of drugs, alcohol, and pleasures of the flesh as they are both inclined to overindulge.


This combination is one of the most romantic of the zodiac. When Scorpio and Cancer meet, they usually retreat into a corner somewhere and begin to spill their entire life stories. This is highly unusual for them both, normally preferring to keep their personal feelings under a thick shell. They intrinsically trust each other, with everything from childhood hurts to passionate fantasies. These two will form a world of their own, even in a crowded room.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


Aries is a fire sign who enjoys playing to win. However, so does Leo. Together, you will have some very dramatic arguments but your passion and affection for each other is equally wild. Leo will appreciate Aries’ lack of manipulation and practicality. Aries will be attracted by Leo’s physical strength and inherent moral character. However, Aries must be willing to concede defeat because Leo NEVER will!


If there were ever two souls destined to meet in the hospital waiting room, it’s the Ram and the Archer. Both signs are horribly accident prone, as well as being overly interested in other people’s business. Neither of you would have any problem discussing your injury, which likely occurred in the late evening hours, since you are both night owls. Both signs prefer to remain active and will enjoy each other’s zest for life.


This combination of fire signs can get quite heated. Since Leo was born to lead and Sagittarius was born to lead the revolution, it can be a war for power between these two. If they can curb the intensity of their cutting remarks towards each other, this union can create a very profitable relationship for both parties.

EARTH SIGNS (Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus)


These two have been sure of their success since they became adults, around the age of four. Although Capricorn and Taurus can both be stubborn when it comes to accepting affection from others, they enjoy each other’s common sense and self assurance. You won’t find these two lovebirds out late at some wild party. They prefer to spend quiet evenings at home, watching movies or working on their latest creative endeavor.


The reason Virgo and the bull get along so well is because they can count on each other. Neither one is ever late! Virgo is the one sign that Taurus will tolerate any criticism from, provided that it is presented in a thoughtful and passive manner. They both dream of retiring to the country away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If both can avoid becoming suspicious and fearful, the relationship has the potential to grow. It will be a slow process. No worries, Taurus and Virgo are both very patient.


Capricorn and Virgo both have an overdeveloped sense of duty. Since it is important to both of them to be respected and proper, it is unusual for this duo to have a one night stand. They love responsibility and have great common sense. They will always agree on money, since they both are wise managers of it. Virgo is able to see through the Goat’s tough exterior. Likewise, the Goat knows that Virgo truly craves companionship. These two are likely to get married, instead of settling for a live-in arrangement. After all, what would the neighbor’s think?

Some of these pairings are more amiable than others. However, because they are all 5-9 Sun Sign connections, these signs are able to more readily forgive each other’s faults. This, paired with amazing chemistry in the bedroom, makes for a long lasting and beautiful relationship. Good Luck! With the good luck, the relation will have an excellent bond with the partner. A login at the abraj alyawm site will be beneficial for the person of different horoscopes. 

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