Computer Game Addicts: Have You Played These?

Everyone loves free computer games, and addicting computer games are time fillers for people who either have a lot of time to waste or who are addicted to computer games. On the other hand, addicting computer games can have a relaxing component, provided the person who is playing the game doesn’t get too upset that he or she can’t win. There are many addicting simple computer games floating around on the internet, but there are a few that are truly addicting and provide the gamer with hours of fun, no matter if they have successfully beaten the game or not.


This is a fantastic and addicting computer game and the idea of it is very simple. The point of the game is to pop bubbles that float throughout the screen by setting off a chain reaction by using one bubble. There are twelve levels throughout Boomshine and each level has a goal of so many bubbles that need to be popped and each level also has progressively more bubbles floating throughout the screen. This is not only a very simple game but can provide hours of fun. If you fail to pop the amount of bubbles in that stage’s goal then you simply can continue playing until you’ve reached that goal.

Block Frenzy

This game can be played at and this also is a very simple game. You are given a small red square and your goal is to prevent it from touching the sides of the screen and the other four blue blocks that float throughout the screen. This game is a little frustrating at first if you’re not able to protect the red square for very long, but that frustration leads to determination to be able to keep the block protected for as long as you possibly can. This is also another addicting computer game that could be played for hours on end.

Colour Connect

An addicting and simple computer game in its own right, this game found on Newgrounds has a little bit of a tetris-type dimension in it. Even though this game is nothing like tetris, the color matching dimension of the game is similar in nature. If you know nothing about the game it can be confusing. But the game centers around several colors and shapes and the point of the game is to click on each of the shapes once that has the color of the shape that you clicked on previously. There are also several levels to this game and this is one of those games for computer gamers that love to be entertained. The shapes and color patterns that this game displays is also interesting and seems appealing to the eyes.

There are many other free computer games for gamers that like to play games online, but these are a few examples of the most simple, yet entertaining addicting computer games that can be found on the internet. You can have a look at hosting plans for FiveM (GTA 5) for a safe and seamless server experience. The servers are really affordable and easy to use. You can host and play your favorite games along with your friends and family as well.

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