Confused On How To Choose The Best Electric Golf Cart? Know The Amazing Tip

Electric golf carts represent the low-end disruptions in the already developed market. The popularity of electric golf carts has been increased and people love to buy these vehicles. Choosing the electric golf cart might be confusing as well as time-consuming as there is a wide range of golf carts available in the market. All the golf carts differ in their styles and features and you need to choose according to your type.

It is not necessary to buy the brand new golf cart as they will be quite expensive. You will easy get pre-owned or refurbished golf cart which will be affordable. It is better to take knowledge from caddie de golf about how to choose the best golf cart.

Know some of the amazing tips that could help in buying the best golf carts which are as follows:

  1. What is a better buy- New or Used?

Both new and used golf carts have their own pros and cons. New golf carts are clean and untouched and come with warranty where as the used golf carts are cheaper than new ones and have their parts and accessories used. If you have a budget then you must go for new one else you can buy used and customize it according to your use.

  1. How many seats are there?

No matter whether you buy a new or used one, you must check the availability of seats in golf cart. Typical golf carts have a capacity of two people but you need to determine how many people will sit and then buy. Not only seats, you must check other safety measures as well like proper suspension, seat belts, power system and braking system.

  1. How far can it go?

An electric golf cart mainly have 2 systems which are 36-volt system and 48-volt system. It has been studied that a 48-bolt system can go for 40 miles on a single charge up to 80 miles if driven on flat or level surfaces.

  1. Time taken to get charged

All the different types of electric golf carts have their own timing to get charged. This thing mainly depends on the quality of battery and charger. A new battery can charge golf cart in 1-3 hours while an old battery can take up to 8-10 hours to make it charge.

  1. Features of electric golf cart

It is important to check all the features of electric golf cart and then mark down your choice. Features like reliability, comfort, battery backup and many other things are important to note down. It is better to compare the golf carts in their features and make a smart buy.

  1. Price

The thing that matters the most is the price. You must set a budget and make a list of the electric golf carts that fall into your budget. You can also compromise and get the used or refurbished golf cart as this will help you to save money. You need to check few things if you decide to buy a refurbished golf cart like battery, age of the golf cart, is it licensed or not, and many other things.

You can choose the golf cart according to your budget and check all the features mentioned above to make your buy a smart buy.

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