Create Your Own Duct Tape Wallet

The duct tape wallet is a type of wallet that uses no expensive materials that can be found in your house. This type of wallet can be put anywhere you like and it is handy. You can also add different colors to it as well.

Gather all the necessary things needed for you to make the wallet. You just need to have the following:

  1. A Roll of Duct Tape
  2. Razor Blade Cutter
  3. Ruler
  4. Cutting Board

After you have gathered all the materials, you can already start creating your wallet. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get a sheet of a duct tape. To form a perfect rectangular shape, use a cutting board to guide you. Now place a piece of duct tape on your board downside. A sheet of a duct tape must be of 2 inches longer in size, bigger than a dollar bill. Add on the second tape unto the first tape overlapping it. The second tape must be of ½ inch longer than the first tape. Then same with the second tape, put on the third piece of the tape overlapping the second tape. The 3 strips that were put on must be twice the height of a dollar bill and if not, add a fourth piece of the tape.
  2. Now turn over the sheet of the cutting board. Tear off a sheet of the cutting board and stick it side up. Add another tape to it side down to cover the first tape on all its sides by ½ inch.
  3. Fold all the overlapping by ½ inch tape on each sides forming on completely the duct tape sheet.
  4. Perform again the first, second and third steps to make the pocket. This time, the second sheet must be of ½ inch smaller on the short side than the first one.
  5. Now start creating the wallet. Fold the first sheet lengthwise by half. Wallet must be on exact shape that a bill can fit on. Now fold the second piece of the duct tape. Put on together the two sheets creating a pocket for your credit cards. Add on more 2 strips of the duct tape to close on the sides of the wallets.
  6. Lastly, fold your wallet on half. Add on some colors to it. The adding of the color will provide impressive loss to the slim minimalist wallet. The appearance of the color should be on the top while folding the wallet in triangle shape.

Presto! You just have created your personalized wallet. It is just simple, right?

You can now put your cash and credit cards in to it and keep it. Bring it anywhere you go and put it anywhere you like. You can create more and maybe make it as your gifts to your family and friends. It is so easy to make and very cost-effective. No need to buy an expensive one.

News Reporter
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