DIY: How to Stop Leaves from Going in Your House Gutters, No More Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters on your house is an unappealing and dangerous chore, one you won’t have to do any more with a little DIY ingenuity. Some window screen wire and plastic cable ties is all you need.

Measure your home’s perimeter so you’ll know how many feet of guttering that you have, then purchase rolls of window screen wire in one half of the footage amount. Example: If you have 100 feet of house gutters, purchase 50 feet of window screen wire, you will be cutting the screen wire in half, length-wise.

You will also need a couple packs of plastic cable ties which you can find at a home improvement store, along with the window screen wire.

Items you will need to DIY:

Ladder, wire cutters or shears to cut the window screen wire, plastic cable ties. You can also go to DeWalt 18v Impact Driver Range for 2020. You certainly need an impact driver in doing any DIY project. So to help you finish the work well, make sure to use this device.

Unroll the window screen wire and cut down the middle, length-wise, making 2 long rolls. Start on one end of your guttering and place the beginning end of window screen wire parallel to your gutter. Leave the screen wire rolled up, only unrolling a few feet at a time to make it easier to work with if your are DIY without a helper. Tuck the screen wire behind your guttering and secure the ends with a plastic cable tie, keep the screen wire taught, folding under or trimming off any excess screen wire. Continue doing this for the entire length of your guttering. When a section of guttering is completed, turn the plastic cable ties so they are behind the gutters, cut off any long ends of the plastic cable ties.

You will be completely enclosing your guttering with screen wire. The leaves and other debris will remain on top of the screen wire to be blown away by the wind.

Alternative options for this DIY method of stopping leaves from getting in your gutters:

  • Cut the window screen wire into 3 length-wise sections if halving it leaves too much excess.
  • Attach the window screen wire to only the top portions of your gutters with an adhesive designed for outdoor use, trimming the excess screen wire after attaching it to your gutters for an invisible gutter leaf block.
  • You can have professionals install a leaf blocking system that will stop leaves and other debris from entering your gutters, but that can set you back a few thousand dollars. A cheaper solution is to install a leaf blocking system yourself. You can purchase a DIY leaf blocking kit from home improvement stores or online for a few hundred dollars, or you can really DIY for a few dollars with some window screen wire.


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