Event Marketing Ideas For Business Special Events

If you are business is hosting a Grand Opening or Holiday Open House, here are some strategies to use to promote the event. To increase the success of your event incorporate visual marketing, business partnerships, outbound marketing, and social media.

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Your first job is to write a complete description of each event. Be as descriptive as possible because it will help you to plan the event and how to promote it better.

Here are some event marketing ideas to use for a successful business event

Use “Insider Information”

People want to be the first to know about things. This is a good call to action for increasing your database. Keeping them in the loop with email is a great way to make them feel like an insider, and ensure they’ll be the first to buy tickets or RSVP to your event. Do you have a database of current and potential clients with name, address, and emails?

Sponsors and Leverage

Who are some of your vendors or complementary services that your business refer clients to? Choose quality sponsors that are a good match for your event and then leverage their existing company marketing tools to advertise your event. Sponsors with a large email base, digital newsletters and a strong web presence can increase your event’s visibility quickly though endorsements or promotions via their advertising channels.

Draw Them In With Storytelling

Videos are the most effective medium for capturing people’s attention and conveying a message or story. Engage your audience with storytelling and reach out to their emotions. When you tell your story, you give your audience something to relate to and want to help you. The video can be high quality or pretty much anything in between to get client’s attention.

Press Release

Once you have a story or two, tell your story to the press. The media love to tell stories so give them yours. Don’t just send out a press release include a call to action – tell them to DO something. Create a landing page on your website (or another venue such as Get Response) to capture readers into your email database. Building a database of emails allows you to send targeted messages about your event plus other marketing material. Give them more stories via email.


Create posters that create a buzz about your event though creative slogans and eye catching designs. Include hashtags, event information including the description, image of the video (use a QR code to lead people to the video to watch on their smartphone in your location), and a link to the signup page to capture emails for marketing purposes. QR Codes are easy to create and can direct web traffic anywhere you want.

Direct Mail

Print personal invitations and mail to your database. Include link to a sign up page or RSVP link such as Eventbrite or your website landing page. Why not send the web traffic to a Facebook Event?

A Comprehensive Online Event Marketing Tool

Using a well designed online event marketing tool will make it a lot easier to bring your event marketing ideas to life. Features you should look out for include: ? Online registration ? Online RSVP ? Payment processing ? Event invitations ? Event templates ? Event ticketing ? Promotion options

Some solutions which provides these features are Eventbrite and Constant Contact.

Social Media and Event Marketing

Engage on Facebook

Use your Facebook page for the event and populate it with details about registration, relevant links, photos, and videos. Give people a reason to continually visit your page and inspire your followers to like, comment, and share, share, share!

Don’t forget to update your timeline cover image. Facebook advertising is an outbound marketing technique to attract more “fans” to your page. Don’t forget to schedule posting status updates to promote the event. Use a graphics designer to create images to post and pin to the top of your Facebook page.

Google Plus

Google + has many features for promoting an event. The first is actually the events app. It’s the same as setting up a Facebook Event. Post updates throughout the month on your G+ business page. Tell your attendees about your G+ page with these techniques (QR codes, links, and custom domain names)

Twitter Campaign

Hashtags – Using a custom hashtag is branding for your business. Create a short (8-10 characters, tops) and easy-to-remember hashtag and publicize it everywhere. Use it prior to the event on your website and social media accounts to generate awareness. Include the hashtag and an invitation to share on any printed materials you distribute before or during the event, and encourage people to use it on every network (not just Twitter).

  • Before Event Create Content
  • Video – storytelling
  • Blogging – promoting event, storytelling
  • Press Release – get media alerted and interested in your event
  • SEO on website – identify keywords that potential attendees would use to search
  • Landing Page – to capture more emails into your database in order to market and promote event.
  • Web-to-lead form for direct access into Database
  • Email and eblasts
  • During Event create your own content

One of the best things about capturing and curating content at events is that it’s so easy and inexpensive.

Assign certain “techie” employees to use their own smartphones, cameras, laptops, tripods, and other equipment to create photos and videos on-site. When others see you doing it, they won’t be shy about using their own cameras to snap and share photos. Getting attendees to snap photos and share online, gives you more content and links back to your social media sites and website.

Have a “correspondent,” a.k.a. employee(s), interview attendees – like a testimonial. Splice together a lighthearted testimonial video for your YouTube channel, blog, and website.

You might want to consider hiring a photographer to capture as much as possible at the event. These photos can be added to your G+ and Facebook page where guests can be tagged. When tagged, the photo shows in their news feed and their friends can follow it back to your Facebook page.

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