Factors To Consider While Buying A Hair Clipper

Hair clippers are something that every man should own. And why not? men need hair trimmings more often than women do and going to a salon for trims can be expensive on one’s pocket. This is why owning a hair clipper means one can trim their hair on the go, also using a hair clipper is easy as compared scissors because of their precise blades which are made of ceramic or stainless steel.  A few rounds of practice and one can be an expert at hair trimming and give themselves a fresh cut in a few minutes.

Types  of hair trimmers

There are various types of hair trimmers that one can find in the market, each with their own set of features. One can choose according to one’s convenience and affordability.

  • Manual trimmers are the earliest types of clippers.
  • Electrical clippers which work by the rotary motor are best for quick trimming.
  • Battery operated hair clippers which are cordless and runs on battery instead of the direct powerline.
  • Magnetic clippers which use electromagnet are the most affordable and effective ones.
  • Pivot electric clippers are also like magnetic ones but more powerful and effective.

Factors to consider while buying hair clippers

There are some factors that one need to consider while buying personal hair clippers, they are:

  • Reliability

one should always choose a hair clipper which is made of good quality material. These hair clippers though will cost a bit on the pricier side, but one can use them for a longer time. Cheaper ones come in attractive price range but come with poor grade motor and plastic with blunt blades.

  • Motor

motor is the most important component of a hair clipper which decides its effectiveness. A sharp blade and a powerful and durable motor mean sharp cuts, otherwise one can end up with an uneven hair cut and many nicks and bruises. Also one should always go for a superior motor because it will last longer.

  • Blades

without sharp blades, one cannot even think of getting a nice and clean cut even if the hair clipper has a powerful motor. Blades should be made of ceramic or stainless steel, as stainless steel means strong and rust resistant blades which will stay sharp for a few years at the least.

  • The frequency of use

one should always consider how often they will use the hair clipper. If someone is thinking of buying it for personal use then mid ranged models do great for them. but if one is thinking of buying it for professional use then they should invest in more expensive ones with heavy duty motor and blades.

  • Accessories

one should always check what all accessories one will get with each model of a hair clipper. Owning just a hair clipper is never enough, one needs to have some other things too like; blade guard which will protect the blade for a few years, clipper oil, comb attachments, manual and warranty.

Buying a hair clipper is almost the same as buying any other type of device, one should never compromise on quality. whether one is thinking of buying an electric hair clipper or a battery operated hair clipper, blades and motor are two things which should be given utmost importance.

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