As a woman who is rarely on her feet, I was surprised when I began to experience foot pain especially when I went out to dinner or met clients. Because my shoes are often designer dress shoes, I found that my feet would cause me an unusual level of pain after several hours of being out on my feet.

In an effort to resolve my foot pain, I began to do research on the underlying causes of foot pain and found that, even without apparent food disorders, my foot pain was quite normal when considering the type of shoe I was wearing and the shape and age of my feet.

In discussing my foot pain with an orthopedist, I learned that my largest area of concern was the time of day that I purchase shoes. Moreover, since I had to visit the doctor too many times for my problems I took a massive hit to m monthly budget. This is where the podiatry bill helped me a lot. Podiatry billing requires extensive knowledge and experience which is why you should always get it from someone experienced.

Surprisingly, as I have aged, my feet have become more apt to swell in the evenings. As a result, when I purchase shoes early in the day, believing I have selected the right size, I may actually be purchasing a shoe that too small to wear in the evening after my feet have become slightly swollen. At my doctor’s direction, my first goal was to begin buying shoes in the evening.

I also learned that when I am out in the evening, dancing, my shoes may impact the swelling, and potential damage, to the Achilles tendon. This, after many years of repeated activity, can lead to the development of Achilles tendonitis. While it may be difficult to completely avoid dancing and moving about quickly in the evening, especially when living in a large city, my doctor suggested that I stretch my legs before I head out in the evening and use an anti-inflammatory and ice packs to my calves after coming home.

While I do not suffer from bunions, hammertoes, corns or neuromas, I am at risk for developing these complications if I do not begin to prevent and control the pain I have now. In addition to purchasing good quality shoes, I must also maintain a healthy weight so as to not place additional pressure upon my knees, back, and feet. Because fallen arches are commonly attributed to weight gain, my weight must be well maintained. In addition, regular pedicures will reduce the risk of ingrown toenails, another common and painful foot complication suffered by many women.

As with any foot disorder, the key to your optimal health will lie in the early detection and treatment by a trained healthcare professional, such as an orthopedic specialist. As a foot pain sufferer, when you do not see the presence of any obvious foot disorders, consider the foot complication related to the poor timing of your shoe purchase coupled with abnormally fast activity while in shoes and any adjustments your weight may have on your balance and mobility. Adjusting for these three factors, you may be able to alleviate and remedy your own foot pain and resolve, or prevent other complications from arising.

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