Frameless Shower Doors- Exploring Types

Frameless shower doors add a lovely charm to any modern bath space. If you want something sleek and are bored of heavy metal structures, count on these beautiful shower enclosures. Don’t worry, frameless shower doors are completely safe. They are made of highly durable tempered glass which is 3/8” thicker compared to regular glass. Interestingly, frameless shower doors are available in wide range of glass varieties. The post below offers a brief on the types of frameless shower doors.

Clear glass frameless shower door

Do you want to create a bright and lit-up shower area in your bathroom? Well, in that case, clear glass frameless shower doors will be excellent for you. It’s a standard option and also easily affordable. Clear glass allows convenient flow of light into your shower area which makes things bright and fresh. It’s the perfect thing for your morning power showers that help you to start your day on a vibrant note. Besides, you will be glad to know clear glass frameless shower doors always assure simple maintenance. Thus, if you are looking for an easy and economical option with frameless shower doors, go for the clear glass version.

Low Iron Glass Frameless Shower Doors

Have you just installed a fancy tile in your shower area? It could be that you have renovated your washroom lately and hence the new inclusions. Well, now that you have taken great care to deck up your shower with such cool tiles, you would certainly love to flaunt them from outside. A low iron glass frameless shower door would be your best match here. Akin to the previous option, this one too allows easy flow of light inside the bathroom. In fact, the level of light transmission is actually higher with this option. Thus, a low iron frameless shower door is always a better fit when you are looking forward to flaunt your amazing bathroom décor from outside. Added to it, such a door definitely assures a brightly lit shower area for users.

Rain glass frameless shower door

Do you have naughty kids at home who are always ruining your shower door with dirty fingerprints? Do you want optimum privacy in your shower area? If your answer is “yes” to these questions, look no further than rain glass frameless shower doors. As the name says, these doors are opaque and feature rain-like look on their exterior. Imagine a rain-soaked glass during heavy shower and you will get the idea.  Given its opaque appearance, a rain glass frameless shower door doesn’t allow visibility of things inside shower area from outside. Similarly, these doors will also not allow anyone from outside to get the look of dirty fingerprints created by your kids inside the shower door.

Final words

You should be extremely careful about the installation of frameless shower doors in your bathroom. Always get your door from a reputed dealer to ensure the top-grade quality. Make sure to use high quality shower door rollers for solid support for the door. Any mishap here could ring in disastrous consequences. Thus, take care while choosing and installing frameless shower enclosures in your bathroom.

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