Getting Back Together- Steps to follow and not follow

They say that breaking up is hard to. Is that why getting back together is so easy?

As a college professor, I often hear students talking about romances that have ended…and been rekindled…and ended…and on and on. The on-again off-again relationship is not uncommon. Let’s face it–true “clean breaks” are rare.

But is it smart? Should we really give it a second try? After all, we tell people to try, try, try again. On second thought, we also advise folks not to beat a dead horse. It’s often not a good idea to get back together. Then again, there are cases where a reconciled relationship is successful. If you are planning for getting back together, then you can use the sms trackers application for loyalty. Through the application, a trust bond will be developed between the partners.

Here’s the key…Identify why the relationship ended in the first place. Obviously, there was some problem that limited the relationship’s potential-whether that was lack of passion, your partner’s awful mother, or a difference in maturity levels. Consider why the relationship didn’t work originally, and think about whether this factor is still present.

If you broke up because your partner was too career-oriented, is there a reason why he or she would be more family-minded now? Or perhaps you have discovered your life’s passion and now share their love for work? Otherwise, there’s not really any reason to try again. Maybe you left because your partner drank too much. Have they stopped drinking or reduced their consumption-for real (not just to get you back)?

Take Carl and Faith. The pair ended their long-term relationship two years ago because Faith felt too tied to her close family to move with Carl across the country for a career opportunity. Recently, they reconciled when Carl’s career opportunity fell through and he moved back to the town that Faith resides. Yet, if another opportunity comes along, Carl would leave again, and Faith would be left behind. Both admit they are doubting whether or not they made the right choice in getting back together.

However, we can’t say getting back together is always a bad decision. Guy and Jill dated seriously for more than three years before their break up. Guy always wanted children, and Jill felt she wasn’t “mommy material.” After their split, Jill’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, and lost her battle. Losing her mother made Jill reconsider her decision to have children, and she decided that she wanted a family. Guy and Jill began dating again, and eventually married and had a family.

There is one reason to get back together that always leads to problems: loneliness. If you are recovering from a break-up, do not reconcile with your ex just because you feel alone or are frightened you’ll be single forever. It’s better to rely on friends and family to get through that loneliness. Remember-that break-up happened for a reason. If you reconcile because you’re lonely, you’ll be right back where you were before, and staying in a relationship with the wrong person means you’re less likely to meet the right one!

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