Guidance about the Tips for Relieving Pregnancy Sciatica

Pregnancy related sciatica is one of the most common causes of back pain for pregnant women. The sciatic nerve extends from the lower back down through the leg. Occasionally this nerve can become inflamed or experience pressure which can cause acute pain in the lower back, buttocks, or leg. This pain is referred to as sciatic pain or sciatica. Though it is not always directly related to pregnancy, many women experience sciatic pain while pregnant due to the increased pressure and weight of the baby on the sciatic nerve. While there is no cure for pregnancy related sciatica, there are some measures a pregnant woman may take to feel more comfortable.

Back Pain Symptoms

A woman experiencing pregnancy related sciatica will often feel a sharp pain in her extreme lower back or buttocks region. This pain is often localized on either the right or left side, but could be felt across the middle of the back as well. Many women describe the pain as a numbness or a shooting pain which can extend down the back of the leg. When experiencing such pain always consult with your physician, to ensure that the pain is related to pregnancy sciatica and not some other medical condition.

Exercises to Relieve Pregnancy Sciatica

There are several exercises a pregnant woman can do to help strengthen her lower back and relieve sciatica pain. Walking is recommended as it loosens and warms the muscles. Avoid walking inclines however, as this can strain the sciatic nerve. The Williams Exercises are also recommended to combat sciatic pain. These are a set of exercises specifically developed to relieve back pain. You can find more information including how to perform these exercises here.

Therapy to Relieve Pregnancy Sciatica

If the pain is extraordinary, many physicians will recommend visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist to help relieve the pregnancy sciatica. These visits often are only recommended if the woman is suffering debilitating pain, as there is no guarantee that therapy will work to relieve the pain. Nevertheless, it is certainly an option for those who are suffering greatly from pregnancy sciatica.

At-Home Relief

Those who have pregnancy sciatica may find relief from using a heating pad on the site of pain. If a heating pad doesn’t work, some find that an ice pack helps bring relief. A warm bath may also help to loosen the muscles and bring relief. Most pregnant women can take Acetaminophen for pain, but it is important that Ibuprofen and Aspirins should be avoided. Check with your physician before taking any pain medication, especially while pregnant.

Pregnancy related sciatica is a painful and sometimes unfortunate side effect of pregnancy. While oftentimes there is no cure for this back pain, the methods here may help to subdue the pain and luckily many women are happily free from further pain once the pregnancy ends and they are able to enjoy their new baby. A visit can be made at the sites to See more ideas about Microdiscectomy recovery.  The ideas will be effective for speedy recovery of the back pain. 

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