How To Celebrate a One-Year Dating Anniversary On a Budget

Money is tight in today’s society. With the rising cost of gas and food, it seems that being on a tight budget is the norm rather then the exception. It is hard to remember that you are on a tight budget when your one year dating anniversary is approaching. As your peer into your wallet and see the cobwebs blow in the breeze, you are brought back to the shocking reality that you do not have the money for a lavish one year dating anniversary celebration. Do not start to worry and think that your boyfriend or girlfriend will be upset that you can not go all out for your anniversary. There is a way that you can celebrate your one year dating anniversary and not blow your budget. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will not even realize that you are on a budget when they see the love and thought that went into the anniversary celebration.

Step One

Plan an anniversary celebration that will start early in the evening. By having your celebration of your one-year dating anniversary cover a longer period of time, your other half will not think that they are being short changed. An early evening start to your one year dating anniversary celebration on a budget will give you more options that you can do and not over spend.

Step Two

Plan a romantic picnic dinner for your one year dating anniversary celebration on a budget. If the weather is warm, you can head out to a local park to set a romantic backdrop for your dinner. A picnic dinner that takes place at your house is a great option for a colder weather anniversary. You can lay out a blanket and have your picnic dinner on the floor on your place to make it special.

To make the occasion more romantic, be sure to take a tent with tables and chairs in order to create the look of a candle light dinner in a five star hotel. Don’t forget the champagne as this is the 1st anniversary party and if you feel short of words to speak, do consult a free dating app that you used to woo and win her over, but this time take care to remember that your girlfriend of yesterday is your present day wife.

Step Three

Prepare a variety of your partner’s favorite foods for the one year anniversary celebration. Choose foods that can easily be packed and served at a picnic. By preparing the food yourself, you will save a lot of money over going out to dinner at a restaurant. You will also show your love in the fact that you took the time to make everything that your other have enjoys.

Step Four

Pack nice silverware and pretty china plates to have your one-year anniversary picnic dinner on. Do not forget the wine glasses and a bottle of your favorite wine to make the anniversary celebration extra special.

Step Five

Finish your special one-year anniversary with a romantic dance. Have a CD player nearby with a CD of romantic songs in it. Grab your love by the hand and dance your way into the new year of your relationship.

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