How To Recover From Cheating On Your Diet Plan

There are many people who are engaging in diet programs in order to be fit and healthy. However, there is also a good chance that one will have a cheat day where he/she cheats by eating foods outside the diet plan such as chocolates, chips, ice cream, fried foods, etc. I’ve been in weight loss and maintenance workouts for almost a decade now and I admit that I have had a few cheat days of my own. One thing is certain, it is imperative that you recover quickly and effectively from a cheat day or else your diet plan may go down in shambles and instead of losing weight, you may find yourself gaining more than when you started your program.

As mentioned, cheat days can break a diet plan easily. Why is that? I was really heavy before and the reason why was due to my almost uncontrollable urge to eat unhealthy foods. We have to admit it. They’re really delicious. It’s almost the same thing when you are already in a diet program. When you abstain from these foods, there’s a tendency that you’ll miss eating them. That’s normal and that urge to cheat would most likely linger in your thoughts until you have eaten something outside of your diet plan or if you can immediately revert back to a weight loss mindset. You can look for weight loss supplements that you can use in order to control your weight. You can choose a flavor that you like and increase your fitness levels as well.

The problem is that there’s also a very big chance that a cheat day becomes cheat days. Taking a break from a diet program and from your exercise routines is a very strong temptation and can definitely make you consider continuing to cheat for another day or a couple more days. That’s why it is so important that you recover quickly if you find yourself in a cheat day.

The first thing you should do is to focus on a weight loss mindset. The first step is acceptance. Admit that you cheated on your diet and that you’ve compromised your goals in losing weight. If you have time, think of what made you do it in the first place. Was it because you just miss eating those delicious foods? Are you stressed or burned out? I’ve also had friends who used guilt and for some of them, it did work. Eating luxuriously for 5 minutes can result in 1 hour of strenuous exercise.

Secondly, aim for a resolution. Wake yourself up and rediscover your motivation and the reason why you are losing weight in the first place. Is it for your health? Is it to look and feel good? Who are you doing it for? Regardless of which, keep those thoughts strong enough and you can say to yourself that you are ready to go back to your weight loss program again. Do not blame yourself or anyone else.

And most importantly, take it into action. This is probably the toughest part of recovery from a cheat day since this is where you’ll actually exert considerable effort physically, emotionally and mentally. Procrastination is your biggest enemy here. Do not give in. Just go ahead and start eating healthy foods again and go do your workouts immediately. There’s a good chance that within 15 minutes or so while working out, you’d feel good again. It’s the same as the idea when you fall off a horse. What do you do? You go back up again and finish the race.

I’ve had a few cheat days in the past few years and yes, one of them did actually break my weight loss program convincingly. I gave up during that time and I stopped working out and started to eat unhealthy foods again. As expected, I gained a lot of the weight back. The last one that broke my weight loss was in 2007 when I gained 70 pounds from the 90 pounds I initially lost. I didn’t know what to do at that time.

Just recently, I had another cheat day for a good reason since it was my birthday and I thought of a more planned approach in dealing with cheat days and I applied this to get back to my weight loss program immediately. I successfully got over that day and now, I’m back on track with my weight loss program. Just remember that this may or may not work for you but you can always use my recovery plan as a guide to plan your own way of recovering from a cheat day. The most important thing is that you drive yourself to continue with your program, focus on your goals and maintain your motivation.

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