Innovative Uses for the Neverland Ranch

The Neverland Ranch is a massive area of beautiful land located in California. With a nice climate, this area could be turned into a number of different businesses. Should the land be auctioned off within the next few weeks, I hope that it will be put to good use. With the amount of land involved, many different things could be done with this property. Below are my ideas for this beautiful property.

  1. The Neverland Ranch would make a lovely place for a Rehabilitation Center for those with drug and alcohol abuse. The area is large enough to add activities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and other activities. In the area, there could be an area just for relaxing in the outdoors. There could be an area for a vegetable garden for those who like to do this type of work. Something for everyone to stay active while recovering.
  2. An Amusement Park would be a nice addition to The Neverland Ranch. An array of rides and games where the family can have fun together. A laid back area where people could go to have a relaxing and fun day with their families, perhaps even a picnic. Perhaps adding an area of animals for those to enjoy as many do not have the opportunity to enjoy or even see many different animals.
  3. A Cancer Treatment Center is another idea for this massive amount of land called Neverland Ranch. Many patients have to stay at a facility while receiving treatments. Many Cancer Centers do not have an area where the patients can go out and enjoy the fresh air. This could be an additional healing process.
  4. A Home For Children would be a pleasant sight. Many children do not have a decent place to live. Could this be a home for children who have been abandoned or orphaned? Here they could have a home, a place to play, a school, a gym and many other areas of learning could be added. They could have some animals whereas they could learn proper care. So many children do not have a pet and if they do they do not know how to take care of one. A pet is good for all.
  5. A Retirement Center would be a nice addition to this land. Many of the retirement age would prefer to be with others. Here they could have there owned living quarters and come and go as they please. There could be a washer and dryer in each living quarters or one large laundry area. There could be party rooms for all to share. And don’t forget the exercise area which could include a swimming pool. Many retirees do water aerobics to keep limbered up. There could even be a place of worship added.

In the event the Neverland Ranch is auctioned, it would be nice to have any of the above additions be added to the property. But whoever should buy this beautiful property probably have ideas of their own but hopefully will see these ideas. Who knows, they may even want to live there themselves. Using balanced scorecard ppt can help you in managing your ideas as you try to buy this amazing property. 

News Reporter
Janice Morgan is the head writer at Gonzagala. She loves writing as much as she loves her seventeen cats! Her articles on nature are well appreciated.