Is It Worth It To Spend Money To Play Idle Heroes?

With the continuous growth and development of mobile gaming, thousands of games are being created and developed in the market. Just looking at the Google or Apple play store, you can see tremendous mobile games that come in variety of categories. Today, the mobile gaming industry is considered as one of the booming industries and is expected to be more successful in the future. This is because of the high interests and engagement of most people in playing games. In addition, mobile gaming also provides ease of access and convenience to players. Today, playing games is now within our reach as we can play them through our smartphones.

IDLE HEROES  – Is it worth your money?

One of these mobile games that a lot of people are highly interested in is Idle Heroes. The aim of this mobile game is to build and assemble line up of heroes. The players then need to train and equip these heroes with proper items for them to be strong and powerful. Once these heroes are ready and well prepared, they will be sent to an arena or game event to fight other heroes played by different players. With this interesting concept and story of the game, it is no wonder why many players love this mobile game. But just like any other games in the market, players also need to spend money in playing this game if they opt to, for them to have an amazing game experience. But the main question that a lot of players ask is, is it worth it to spend your money to play Idle Heroes? If that is also your question, you are in the right place. Here are some of the pros and cons of spending money in Idle Heroes:


Surely, there will be advantages if you spend your money on this game. First, you will be able to efficiently use casino coins at Vip2. You can also buy more game event raids that will help you advance faster through obtaining 3 star to 4 star hero shards and gold. Moreover, you can also gather an extra 5 star hero for every 100 heroic summons at Vip3. Also, you can get more slots for your hero and an extra casino chip daily.


Of course, if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of spending your money on Idle Heroes. First, even though you spend your money on this game, you will still be watching advertisements everyday for 100 daily gems. Also despite the fact that you have more gems, gold, and rewards, this will not change the gameplay. You might advance a little with your opponents but the gameplay is still the same and you still have to undergo the same process of the game.


While there are advantages and disadvantages of spending your money on Idle heroes, you still need to gauge and measure these pros and cons to make a final decision whether or not to spend money on it. Additional tool to help you decide is to know some of the important details about the game. You can visit for the tier list of Idle heroes.

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