Kids.Com: A Safe Place for 8-15 Year Olds to Play and Learn Online

KidsCom recognizes the dangers kids face when using the Internet. They set out to provide a safe place for our kids to play and learn online. I was so impressed with this site and their concern for children’s safety that I decided to write this article. Here is what I learned about


1. Kids cannot sign up without submitting a permission slip from their parents. I had to print out the form and fax it in. You also have the option of mailing it in. All activities on the site, including the message boards and chat room, are also monitored by trained adults for added safety. This is a big relief for me with so many predators online. It can be compared as the state of the art sensory gym because it helps your children practice things and learn.

2. Get involved with other kids. You can participate in Kidschat and chat live with other kids. This is monitored by responsible adults at all times. You can also participate in Keypal. This allows you to email kids from another country. Kind of like an online pen pal. I really liked this feature because my daughter has been asking for a pen pal. Plus my daughter will get to learn about another culture.

3. Choose from 6 different categories of games. Each category has several games within it that your kids can play. Here are the categories: Action/Adventure, Sports, Puzzle, Silly Fun, Brain Cookers, and KidsCom Junior Games.

4. Earn and spend points. There are two kinds of points you can earn and spend. The first is Virtual points. You can earn points by playing quest games, answering plant baby trivia, special promotions, and badges. You can then buy from the virtual point’s catalog. These are all virtual items such as hunger-fighting items and anti-cloud power items. The second kind of points you can earn is called KidsCash points.

You earn points by playing KidsCash Games, joining KidsCash Adventures, and answering KidsCash questions. With those points you can buy DVD’s, t-shirts, books, computer games and more. These are real prizes delivered directly to your door.

5. Create. Here are the things you can do under this category: Create and print your own cards or invitations, share your funny jokes, record your own song and play it back, write your own story (KidsCom gives you the character, prop, and place and you write your own story), and join in on Kimma’s scrapbook by creating notes, letters or diary entries with cool sounds and silly pictures. You can even print them out!

You do have the option of upgrading to an Idea Seeker. This lets you participate in the site a little more (even create your own homepage), but it is not necessary to use and enjoy this site. So if you want your child to learn and play in a safe environment this site is for you!

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