Of the first eight labyrinths in this game, Level Six may be the most difficult. Your biggest problem will be the Wizzrobes, who cast powerful spells that can only be blocked by the Magic Shield. The yellow ones aren’t too difficult – although they appear and disappear, they stay in one place when appearing and can be taken out with one hit from the Magic Sword. The blue ones are another matter. They are three times as strong as the yellow ones and can move around and through anything. Battling several of them can rally drain your hearts. If you need help to get past those Wizzrobes then you can take help from lol boosting, this way you can easily level up your character and get past those tough enemies in Legend of Zelda.

If you don’t have a key when you first enter Level Six, take the east door and get one from the Yellow Wizzrobes. Forget the door you see to the north, just use the key on the door west of the entrance. Get past the Wizzrobes in the next room and take the path north, defeating the Zols for the compass and the Kesses for a key.

Eventually, you’ll be trapped in a room with both Yellow and Blue Wizzrobes. Oh, yeah, did we mention the Bubble and Like Likes? Wizzrobes like to hang around them too since the invincible Bubbles make you temporarily unable to use your sword and Like Likes can eat your Magic Shield. Try to take out the faster moving Wizzrobes before finishing off the others, then push the left block to open the shutters.

Don’t take the north door in the next room – there’s a three-headed Gleeock there that’s more trouble than he’s worth. Instead, work your way around the Wizzrobes and bomb the east wall. Get the key in the next room and head north. Like Likes and Zols have the map in this room. Behind the north door, if you take out the Wizzrobes and push the left block, you will find the Magic Wand. You don’t have to get the Wand to finish the game, but it is a useful long-range weapon.

Head all the way south until you reach the room with shutters and Vires. Once you take out the Vires and go through the east door, you’ll face another group of Wizzrobes and Like Likes. Once you finish them, push the block to open the secret passage.

Once you make it through the passage, go south and defeat the Vires for a key. Head west, and then open the north door to reach Ghoma. Be sure to arm the Bow and Arrow before entering his chamber.

Ghoma can only be beaten with an arrow to the eye. Try to fire an arrow the moment you enter the room, and you may get him with no problem. Otherwise, he may lose his eye before you can shoot again and you’ll need to dodge his shots while waiting for him to open the eye. At least it only takes one arrow to beat him, and then the Triforce is yours.

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