‘Lord of the Rings’ Holiday Party

While “Lord of the Rings” isn’t a Christmas movie, it’s a well loved masterpiece and a completely fun theme for a party at any time of year. After all, what better thing to celebrate than the continued existence of Middle Earth and the defeat of Sauron? The reason for the season indeed. There are two primary things to consider when arranging a Lord of the Rings themed holiday party – decor and food. Whether the guests are cool enough to play along and come in costume is out of the host’s control, but these things aren’t. Below are some suggestions for both.

First comes decor. Middle Earth is much more in tune with nature than our modern world, so any televisions/stereos/ipods etc laying around should be hidden. Not that music can’t play – in fact, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ theme music would be perfect – but the speakers should probably be discreetly hidden behind a rock or plant of some sort.

The Christmas tree, if there is one, should be decorated in an elven fashion. Rather than a lot of colorful ornaments, some clear crystal drops modeled after the Light of Eärendil would be more appropriate. Not only is this a priceless artifact in Middle Earth, it makes a great Christmas tree ornament. For some variation, hang ornaments that are jewel, gold, or silver-like, since the dwarfs of Middle Earth love these treasures, or those carved out of wood.

The room shouldn’t be overly lit by artificial light, and there should be plenty of candles throughout (though keep safety in mind – Christmas trees are unexpectedly combustible). In addition to candles, some old maps and wooden pipes placed strategically around the room will add to the ambiance. After all, hobbits are very fond of their pipe-weed, especially Longbottom Leaf. Generally having a lot of natural elements, such as gleaming wooden furniture and bowls, pottery in natural tones, and a fire in the hearth (if possible) will add to the Middle Earth feel. A sword or two and a shield framed on a wall is another nice touch.

Fireworks or sparklers will also fit right into the theme. After all, Bilbo Baggins had fireworks at his Eleventy-first birthday, so why shouldn’t they be at a LOTR holiday party as well? At the end of the lotr, the audience will come to know that Dwarves live 200+ years in the game. The celebration of the birthday was great through the friends and the relatives in the drama book. 

Now we come to food. A bundt cake is a given, decorated as the Ring. A platter of doughnuts – perhaps with only one sitting on top that has the One Ring’s engraving frosted onto it – would be an acceptable alternative. In addition to this lots of small dishes such as tea cakes and mini sandwiches are required for any hobbits in attendance. A few salted dishes – salted of course with authentic Shire salt – would not be out of place. Make sure to have an abundance, since there has to be enough for first and second breakfast, elevensies, as well as their multiple other meals.

Angel food cake is a perfect elven dish, being as white and airy inside as any waybread. Dwarfs prefer hardier food so skewers of meat or soup served in bread bowls is more their style. Dessert for might be frosted to look like pieces of gold or silver, in honor of their love for mining. Having a little bit of something for each of the races of Middle Earth is only polite, so make sure not to leave anyone out. Honeycakes can be offered for the humans in the room.

Ciders and dark ales are the drink of choice for all Middle Earth inhabitants, and should therefore be the main drink at any Lord of the Rings themed party. Honey wine, similar to the elven Miruvor, can also be served. Beverages should be served out of wooden cups or frosted glass mugs with handles. With all these elements in place, it will be a perfect Lord of the Rings holiday party. All that’s left is to find guests fun enough to appreciate it.

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