Mattress Buying Advice for Couples

He might like it if hard. She may like it soft. On occasion, you might agree. If buying a mattress for one person is hard, then buying a mattress for two is very hard. Use these tips to prepare for your mattress purchase.

Discuss your needs. Each person must discuss and explain what they need in a mattress based on past experiences. Was the previous bed too hard? Was it too soft? Did you ever have a perfect night’s sleep, and what bed were you sleeping on. This will help you determine what each other needs.

Look at all the options. Before you purchase a mattress together, find out what your options are. Since your last bedding purchase, there may be numerous new styles and improvements in the industry that you may not be aware of. This is where Mattressify is quite helpful as you get really great and versatile options so that you can choose a mattress according to your needs.

Determine your budget. There is nothing more aggravating than making a buying decision, only to realize that you cannot afford it. Before you buy, you need to determine how much you can spend. This will help you know which mattresses you can purchase. You can visit laweekly for mattress prices and get really affordable and lucrative deals on amazing and durable mattresses.

Compromise or agree. You must decide if you are going to purchase a mattress that is closer to one spouse’s needs or the other. If one person needs a firm mattress, will the other person suffer from purchase an extra pad for their side of the bed? Will you purchase a bed where the sides can be adjusted for softness? Will the person who needs a firmer side put a board under the bed. With this decision made, you can discuss these issues easier with your salespersons.

Try them out. It is common knowledge that you should go mattress shopping prepared to take a nap. But, is 10 or even 15 minutes long enough to determine if a mattress is right for you? Consider testing out your prospective mattress overnight. If you are considering a Tempurpedic mattress, then book a night at a hotel that uses them. Find a hotel that uses a Select Comfort bed. Look at the label on any mattress that you enjoy, or hate that you have slept on, and take note.

Comparison shop. Check the internet and the local paper for the best prices in mattress sets. If you prefer a store that does not have the best sale, then take the sales flyer with the same bed as you. The salesperson will very likely match the best price. This is not always easy with bedding since each distributor often re-labels the bedding, but just having sales information with you will strengthen your bargaining power.

Following is a list of the best mattresses you can buy. They are listed by price range.

Bedding Sets under $700.00


If you are looking for a good discount mattress, go to IKEA. For the SULTAN HUSTAD mattress set, you will need 2-1/2 piece mattresses totaling $460.00, to make up a King Sized Bed. It is made up of Bonnell springs that absorb shocks, plus a foam layer to provide comfort and support. This bed is pretty firm, but IKEA offers a wide array of optional mattress pads to make the bed softer if needed.

Sealy Beddington LX Firm II King Mattress Collection

At around $500.00 you can choose a classic or low profile foundation to go with this mattress. This foam mattress will provide years of comfort and a very reasonable price. This set is purchased by the individual item at Sears

Dream Mattress Memory Pedic 8.5 Cal King Mattress

This mattress has high-density blue Vitality Foam which has a pressure reducing component, teamed with an ultra cell phone that allows airflow, and an ultra cell high resiliency foam base. This mattress is less than $600.00 (king size) for a memory foam mattress with airflow that keeps you cool.

3 Series Bronze Sleep Better Set

This affordable version of the original sleep number bed will allow you to customize the bed for each person at an amazing price($699 for a king-size). There is an optional eight-inch foundation available.

  • Bedding sets $700- $1200
  • Bassett Halsbrook II Firm Mattress

If you like a firm bed at a reasonable price, The Bassett Halsbrook II Firm Mattress is great. It is made so you don’t have to flip or rotate the mattress and carry a 5-year warranty. The king-sized bed is $700.00.

Bassett Point Harbor II Plush Mattress

If she likes it soft, but he likes it hard, this mattress is a good compromise. It is durable, does not require flipping, and has a 5-year warranty. The price for a king-sized mattress is $849.00

4 Series Silver Air Mattress

The King-sized 4-series silver air mattress is a great alternative to the Sleep number bed at the same level (sc4000). This introductory level air chamber bed costs $1099 for a king without the optional foundation. If you and your spouse cannot compromise on mattress firmness, I recommend this very affordable option.

Bassett Crossing Way II Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress

The main distinction of this mattress is for having 3 inches of “super soft” foam. They add just the right amount of softness to compliment the high profile coil system. For a budget of $1000.00, this mattress set is a good buy and is warrantied for 10 years of manufactured defects.

  • Bedding Sets $1200 and up
  • Sleep Number bed model 3000-9000

You can purchase any model of the original sleep number bed from 3000 (the first of its kind) to model number 90OO. You can adjust to suit the comfort level of each person for $1750 to $3200. At this price range, I love most of the choices, but these choices are brand names you can trust with the latest technology and most luxurious feel.

Sealy Posturpedic Amethyst SE Ultra Plush Euro Boxtop Collection

This set that offers a choice of box spring is about as luxurious as you can get. Plus the Sealy name carries an impressive warranty. Get the best of both worlds with this mattress that combines a solid foundation, foam that contours to your body, a cool quilted layer, and fire protection. King-sized mattress and box spring are approximately $4500.00

Comfort Serta Perfect Day Peaceful Haven Mega Ultra Cushion Top Mattress

If you are willing to pay $6000 for a mattress set, consider this bed. It has a coil support system with five zones for comfort. It also has a gel fiber quilt, and several various layers including the air suspension Kool Comfort layer, and fire blocker. This bed is for people who like it really soft.

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