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Women love handbags. If you’re like me, ladies, you like to change them up every now and then. I like to change with the seasons. For summer, my preference in handbags is simplicity, lightweight, and colorful. Bags can be small, big, cheap, and designer. When you’re on a budget, finding that right handbag can be difficult. However, at the following online stores, I bet you can find just what you’re looking for! luxurytastic reviews site is a place where you can read all about the ongoing offers on all these shopping websites. 

Old Navy

Old Navy has cool new bags and clutches for women of all ages and tastes. They have simple shoulder bags in red, blue, and white. Want something more beachy? Try one of their small graphic totes. For $12.50 you can get one of these light-colored bags with tropical flowers printed on it. Looking for something more sophisticated? Old Navy has canvas bags in black and also embroidered bags in red. Are you on a very tight budget? Check out Old Navy’s clearance section online for discounted bags. For instance, I found a beaded bag for $6, regularly priced at $15. Messenger bags are still around – you can get twill ones at Old Navy for only $20!

Bag Fancy

At Bag Fancy, shoppers can get casual, evening, fun, and clearance-priced handbags. My favorites are under the whimsical and fun category. For about $30, I can pick from small bags with abstract designs, bamboo bags, small totes with circle designs, and shoulder purses with buckle features. Bag Fancy’s clearance page has bags for under $17. The bags there are a little less popular, but maybe it’s just what you yourself have in mind.

Bag Fancy also has a page of puppy purses – and that’s just what they are – purses that are in the shape of doggies.

Purse Boutique

I am in love with a few bags at Purse Boutique! I haven’t been to their site in a while, so after browsing through the site, I see a few bags that I want to get asap! Bags here are very hip and elegant but can be worn casually or on the town. Purse Boutique features upbeat styles for this summer that includes metallic bags and oversized shoulder bags. A small pink Baroque Hobo purse was the first to catch my eye. Then I see the price is $30. As a matter of fact, a large majority of the bags at Purse Boutique are under $50! Purples, gothic, buckles, mesh, big, small, tote, messenger, clutch – Every person of every personality type will be able to find a perfect handbag at the Purse Boutique!

A purse can tell a lot about a woman. Let people know who you are by choosing a bag from one of the above online sources: Purse Boutique, Old Navy, and Bag Fancy. How many times have you seen a bag in your local department store, buy it, then see everyone in town with the same one? Purchase a bag at Purse Boutique, Old Navy Online or Bag Fancy and cut your chances of someone else having the same bag as you. In addition, you don’t have to spend hours at the mall looking through the shelves when you can click a button and find the perfect one from your home computer and have it delivered to your door.

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