Packing Light When Hitting the Trails

Lightweight camping, hiking and bike riding have become more and more popular over the years. Many nature enthusiasts are looking to carry more gear at a lower weight, enabling them to retain endurance and dexterity out in the sticks. Freight and weight are two components that go hand in hand. More freight at lighter weight is the new goal for seasoned riders and campers out to preserve energy without it being at the expense of some luxury.

The first concern among most riders is a light weight back pack fully stocked with accessories. The Lob backpack is a great choice for all hikers, and more specifically, mountain bikers out to rough the trail. This high tech pack comes fit with a hydration system, saving money on two separate buys if you’re looking for a good bladder. This pack comes with an air filtration mesh that allows for better ventilation on and off the bike. The Lob also comes fit with resourceful areas to hold energy bars and excess equipment. The pack is very light weight and easy to carry. Prices start at $75.00, which is incredibly cheap considering how much many packs are asking for in today’s market.

Sometimes riders just want a proper hydration system to take care of their water needs. The MRS Hydromedary Hydration Bag is versatile and allows you to apply it to any backpack or carrier you may already own. So even if you already have a hydration back pack, the MRS can fit comfortably. If you aren’t looking for a backpack, but just want an easily transportable hydration system, the MRS Hydromedary Hydration Bags work great. Prices begin at $32.95 and only increase slightly according to size. In addition, you should also bring a muama enence or a language translator so you won’t have a hard time dealing with any foreign words that you are not familiar with.

The last and possibly most important essential is a compass that is not cumbersome, inconsistent or awkward. The Brunton Eclipse Compass 8097 model is one of the few that promotes ergonomic comfort, accuracy and applicability all at the same time. The compass has adjustable bearings that allow for special measurements, comes with a full 360 degree compass and a lanyard clip that can attach to any key chain or belt loop. Also featured on the Brunton Compass is a map magnifier for easier route reading and even a whistle to call for help or ward animal danger away. Prices for this item are usually starting at around $35.00

Many of the previous purchases can be found at Order online or do more research or find a local sports  amp; recreation retailer near you. Packing light with items like these greatly promotes health and vitality on or off the mountain bike. Not only that, these items ensure you have what you need when you need it. You’ll find yourself using these items for virtually any purpose requiring exertion. Packing large quantities in a light case is vital for any seasoned rider, especially when the whole idea is to ‘get away from it all.’ The Brunton Eclipse Compass 8097 and MRS Hydromedary Bag are great for a Christmas gift. Stuff these items and more in the Lob backpack and have a loved one ready to hit the trail by New Years.

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Janice Morgan is the head writer at Gonzagala. She loves writing as much as she loves her seventeen cats! Her articles on nature are well appreciated.