Pro Tips To Find The Best Dog Leash

When you walk your dog, do you put him on a leash? You should. Not only does it help you exercise a bit more control over your pet, it also assures a lot more benefits. For the starters, a leash will prohibit your dog from wandering off and licking something that is harmful. It also ensures your pet’s safety along with the people around you. The best thing of all, it trains your pet, helping it learn more about obedience.

So, what kind of leash is best for your dog? To help you with the selection, we have a few pro tips that will make your search much easier.


One thing to keep in mind here is that the material is key. The use of different materials gives you different advantages.


  • Found in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, it is one of the most common materials used for leashes.
  • And it is cheap.
  • One disadvantage is that you may suffer a burn from the nylon leash if you have a dog that will suddenly pull the leash from your hand.


  • Due to its sustainable nature and durable life span, it is the best option to consider, since. It softens with time as well as adapts to your grip.
  • However, leather leashes demand a high price point and that’s probably it’s sole drawback.


  • Never consider it as an option as it is not only heavy but also quite tough to use.
  • Very tough on your hands.
  • It is inexpensive, but the harm caused to you and your dog is more than the price compensation.


In the abundance of dog leashes around the market, one could get confused. The following are the few that are quite popular and highly regarded.

Retractable leashes

The best part about them is that retractable leashes have been especially designed keeping in mind your pet’s anatomy.

Why should you prefer a retractable leash over a standard leash for your pup?

There are quite a few reasons.

  • The best retractable dog leashes come with a longer length of rope. This way, your dog is free to explore more and can also be restricted when necessary.
  • You have more control over the leash management hence you can prevent your dog from running into danger, even if it is not properly trained.
  • The extra freedom will give your dog a boost in self-confidence and allow him to have more fun.
  • It will enable the pet to get more exercise, without constantly being attached to his parent’s side
  • Besides, retractable leashes allow freedom of pace to both the master and his dog.
  • You can walk at your own pace without pulling your dog back to slow down.
  • Plus, your dog will rarely tug the leash to urge you to walk faster.

Standard leashes

  • Essentially just a rope, it lacks in functionality and creativity of the aforementioned retractable leashes
  • Price is really cheap which makes the leash a common choice among pet parents

So, you have quite an exhaustive list here. Follow these tips but also listen to your dog while buying a leash. Not all dogs would be happy with same kind of leash style or material. So, make sure your chosen leash is always comfortable for your pet.

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