Puppy Accessory Checklist For New Owners


What food has the puppy been eating? Changing diets suddenly can cause gastrointestinal upsets. You’ll have enough to clean up without dealing with that. The puppy’s breeder, foster parent or shelter should give you some food and a feeding schedule along with the puppy. Don’t give the puppy human food. Ask your veterinarian about feeding tips for your puppy. All the accessories for the dogs will be available at good pup life on affordable rates. From the rich to middle class, the entire person can purchase the items for the dogs.

Food Dishes

It’s much better to use a food dish that isn’t shaped like the bowls or plates that you eat off of. This helps the puppy to better recognize where its food is. The puppy will still try to take your food off of any plate or dish with reach, but over the long term, this training will make sense. If your puppy is a large breed or has a very deep chest and narrow waist (like a boxer or Great Dane) then you should get an elevated food dish to help prevent bloat.

Collar  amp; Lead

Do not get a collar with rhinestones or other accessories on it because the puppy will pop them off and swallow them. Do not get a choke chain because they are too severe for puppies (and most adult dogs). It may cause spinal damage. Do get a standard adjustable buckle collar or one that snaps together. It needs a ring on it to place the puppy’s license. The lead should be about six feet long and have a good, solid metal fastener.

Chew Toys

Puppies stick everything into their mouths. This is one way they explore the big, wide world. It’s much easier to get a puppy to drop a valuable item in its mouth (like a necklace or the remote) by offering a chew toy made for dogs. Do not get anything with small parts like bells that can be swallowed. Make sure any balls are too large for the puppy to swallow. Never give puppies old shoes for toys because then they will think all shoes are up for chewing.

Baby Gate

There are also heavy dog gates that are similar to baby gates, but for small breeds, a standard baby gate should suffice. Puppies can get into trouble very easily when your back is turned, to this helps to keep them out of rooms that may have items dangerous for the puppy to get into or are too valuable to be chewed up.


If you can provide a room for the puppy that you don’t mind getting peed and pooped on, then that room can serve as a dog crate. Lay pee pads or papers down in one corner of the room to help encourage the puppy to go there when you absolutely cannot get the puppy outside. But if you don’t, then the crate is a good option. Make sure it has toys, a soft bed and a piece of clothing with your scent on it to help comfort the puppy while you are away. The crate should be large enough for the full-size dog to lie down and turn around in it. Never send the puppy to the crate or room as punishment because then the puppy will be reluctant to go in ever again. You want the crate or room to be like the puppy’s sanctuary or den.


Not only will you want to remind yourself in the near future that your dog was once a tiny puppy, but pictures are essential in helping police or animal rescue workers find your puppy if it is lost or stolen.

Microchip and License

Puppies are like quicksilver and sneak off when you least expect it. Your chances of finding your puppy ever again are non-existent unless you have the puppy licensed and microchipped. Not all countries require dogs to be licensed, but it’s still a good way to identify the dog as yours.

Puppy Care Book

Just as all puppies are different, so all puppy problems are different. Ask your veterinarian or dog-owning friends what dog care books they recommend. Check dog care, grooming or housetraining books out of a library for tips and tricks. Is the book not in your library? Talk to your librarian to see if it can be sent to you through inter-library loan.

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