Being an archery coach requires a lot of great qualities and attributes to be able to train an individual efficiently. Aside from obtaining different archery coach certifications from levels one to five, your inner qualities will be the significant key in being a reliable and competent coach. After all, your role as an instructor is important for the learning and development of trainees all throughout their journey in archery. So, if you would like to become an archery coach, here are some of the qualities that you should possess to be a great one.

Good instructors are fun to be with

Archery is a serious sport. It requires mere attention and focus to shoot the target accurately. Hence, trainees need to train harder and seriously to progress in archery. While it is necessary to be focused and serious as a coach, being fun and having sense of humor can motivate your trainees in some ways. Thus, every instructor should know how to add fun factors in training. The process of learning archery should never be miserable. To do this, good instructors must include and incorporate some games to teach lessons and make it more fun and lively.


One of the best ways an instructor can teach trainees in an efficient way is to be able to adapt the trainees learning style and match it with his teaching style. If your trainees are visual learners, then you must be able to demonstrate the process or techniques or you can show some videos that demonstrate and show the process and style. Teaching archery has standards because it is universal. But the learning capabilities of students vary from one individual to another. Thus, for you to be able to teach them effectively, you must know who they are first.

Good instructors are motivators

This perhaps is one of the qualities every archery coach should have. Archery is a challenging and difficult sport if you are a beginner. There will be times that students will be frustrated and would feel giving up because of the hardship in learning archery. But with a coach who knows how to motivate and encourage students to keep on going, be patient and to work hard until they get used to the sport, students will be motivated and inspired to continue what they already have started.

Technical Knowledge

Of course, this is the most important quality an archery instructor should have. A good instructor knows exactly what he is teaching to his students. Thus, he has a solid background in all aspects of archery – mechanics, equipment, process, techniques and so many more. For students to gauge a coach credibility on terms of technical knowledge, coach must be able to obtain archery certifications from an accredited organization like Archerypower that provides training and certification for individuals who would like to become a coach in archery. There are five levels of archery certification and this level determines the qualification of an archery coach.

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