Shoe Trends for Spring 2020

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Well, officially it’s the diamond, but shoes are a close runner up! The main reason why women are so drawn to shoes is pretty simple to understand. Shoes always fit. They aren’t too tight, they don’t make our hips look big, and it’s never embarrassing to try them on. Shoes are a fabulous way for women to express themselves. With the inclination towards comfort more and more designers have started to include shoe insoles that make all these designer shoes really comfortable as well, this allows women to wear whatever shoes they like without facing any discomfort. 

Spring 2009 is just around the corner. Are you ready for the new fashion trend for spring footwear? Embellishments and strappy heels! Designers have gotten very serious about the detail of their shoes. In fact, with all the pattern going on within the shoe, I have to wonder what we’ll wear on our bodies to go with them.

Luxury Insider has some of Jimmy Choo’s spring 2009 collection on their website. Wow! The shoes are pretty intense. They are vibrantly colored with a bit of an African theme. Just look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean by embellishment. I can’t think of a thing I could wear with any of them.

Manolo Blahnik’s spring 2009 isn’t quite as bold as Jimmy Choo’s. Blahnik seems to be focused more on straps and bright colors. Photos of their spring shoe line appeared on Splendid City, and compared to the Jimmy Choo line, they are tame.

Gladiator sandals seem to be very popular among designers in 2009. These shoes are heavily strapped and can come in either a high or flat heel. See a large selection of these shoes at Gladiator-Sandals. While not produced by a popular designer, this website certain has one of the largest varieties of gladiator sandals I’ve seen.

Miss Meghan, a self-proclaimed shoe expert, has a video on her website of the new shoe trends from Jill Stuart for spring 2009. You’ll notice that these shoes also focus on detailing, mostly around the ankle, and have a hint of the gladiator look as well.

Sadly, most of us can’t afford to purchase shoes from a top designer. I typically browse fashion magazines, and websites, look to see what’s popular, and then shop at shoe stores like Shoe Carnival,, and yes, sometimes even Payless Shoes. There’s nothing wrong with saving money here and there, and bargain-priced shoes can still be in style. You just have to know what to look for.

During winter months, our feet have been jammed inside our heavy boots and kept hidden behind socks. Don’t forget to fix them up a little before putting them on display. Nothing will ruin the look of an attractive shoe faster than jacked-up feet. (just a little helpful hint) 😉

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