The Best Ideas For Gifts Intended For Holiday Party Hosts

When attending a holiday party, it is customary to give a gift to the host or hostess. It is a way of thanking them for their hospitality and generosity in lending their place, time, effort, and money. Your gift doesn’t need an expensive price tag, it just needs to be suitable for the occasion.

In some parts of the world, most especially in the US, giving a gift to the host or hostess is a must when attending a party. In some places, a gift is only required when the party is for a special occasion, like on holidays such as Christmas.

When you find yourself needing to think of a gift for a holiday party host or hostess, then you came to the right place. Here are besondere geschenkideen für männer and woman holiday party hosts:

Candle Set

A simple gift for a holiday, candle sets is perfect for holiday parties that normally use candles. Those traditions include Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, which is celebrated by Hindus. Another holiday which uses candles is St Lucia Day, a celebration of the winter’s solstice in some countries which includes Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

Additionally, candles can be lit even on holidays such as Christmas, as long as you get candles designed for such occasion. Candles are a nice way to get warm, driving away the cold winter of the Christmas season which is perfect for Christmas parties and also a good gift for hosts and hostess of Christmas parties.

If the holiday you are attending includes those holidays, then a candle set may be the best gift you can bring. A holiday candle set is better when it is scented, or have colors suited to the occasion. You can order scented candles in this link at reasonable prices.

Cocktail Napkins

A party is not complete without drinks, so a cocktail napkin is a gift that is very welcome in such occasion. There are a lot of choices regarding designs for cocktail napkins, so be sure to pick a design pattern that will fit the holiday party that is being thrown by the recipients.

If you want to be a little more personal, you can go and order a customized cocktail napkin with your own design. This website allows you to design your own or choose among dozens of cocktail napkin designs. If you are going on this route, make sure to order in advance of the party to account for the preparation of your customized cocktail napkins.

Cocktail napkins are very affordable too and can be reused by the receiver on many years of parties that will be held. Cocktail napkins are a very practical gift that will surely be appreciated by hosts and hostess.


Servers are another practical gift you can give to a holiday party host or hostess. This Cambridge Round 2-Tier Server with Plates is a great pick for only 40 dollars. It is a 2 level server and comes with its own plates. It is perfect for serving desserts and sandwiches during a holiday party.

Like cocktail napkins, servers can also be reused by the receiver in other parties they host, making it a good choice as a gift.


Wine is another good gift choice to holiday party hosts and hostess. Wine is a normal serving in the majority of holidays. If the host of the party is a known wine enthusiast, a bottle of spirit is a great gift. A bottle of wine is best gifted in a specialty bag. If you want to go an extra mile, you can gift a bottle of wine along with a wine glass, so that it can be opened and be cheered on the moment it is opened. (although the wine glass may need washing first.)

If you are giving wine or liquor as a gift, do not expect it to be served right away. This is because the host or the hostess might have already decided on which wine to serve. This is also applicable to other consumable food or drinks that you give as a gift, with a few exceptions such as cakes.


A gift that will have a lasting impact than wine or food, a cookbook will surely delight the host or hostess that will receive it. It will inspire their future food preparations and is a good decoration in their kitchen when not in use. Cookbooks are also universal since it will be loved by wine enthusiasts, cake bakers, all around cooks, and other hosts or hostess with a passion for cooking.

If you want to gift a cookbook, go to this link to find the best cookbooks for all occasions.

Bluetooth speakers

For the more techie hosts, Bluetooth speakers are a good choice. They will keep the party going on, and any modern phone can connect to them to play their favorite party music. Additionally, they can be a replacement speaker in case the main speaker broke while partying, avoiding frustrations from party-goers.

Even after the party, your Bluetooth speaker gift can be used by the receiver in many activities, such as watching a movie on their phone or when chilling in their room, playing some music. A Bluetooth speaker has uses inside and outside of a party, which makes it a very good gift.

Here are some Bluetooth speakers sold online to help you decide if you want this as a gift.

Your gift to the host and hostess doesn’t need to have an expensive price tag or overly complicated. You just need to be thoughtful about what to give. Base your gift upon the occasion, and the traditions of the place where the party is being held and you are good to go.

Even if there is no occasion or holiday, a small gift is appropriate if you are going to someone’s house for the very first time. For an added touch, you can wrap your small gift in gift bags.

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