The mind is a vast network of thought. Most of these thoughts are just random ideas that multiply as they endlessly feed off one another. An ego is a tool we have that fills the mind with useless thoughts that block our intuition. Learning to silence these useless thoughts is the best way to clear the mind to gain access to intuitive thought.

The Third Dimensional Mind

As we go through life our minds travel at light speed evaluating everything such as our next meal, what we just said to someone, what we’re going to say to the next, and what might happen tomorrow. Most of these thoughts are nothing but wasted mental energy.

Most of our quiet time in the mind is spent thinking about what happened in the past which we can’t change, or what might happen in the future; which God controls. When you listen to the thoughts which dominate the mind, you realize that most of your thoughts are either regrets from the past or worries about the future. Why do we continuously think about experiences which are mostly out of our control?

Controlling the Mind

The best way to develop intuition is to learn to silence this endless chatter of thought. The mind is a giant muscle just waiting to be used. But in order to use the mind correctly, you must first be mentally conscious of your thoughts.

Devote some quiet time every day for just slowing down these thoughts. Every time a useless thought enters the mind disregard it then let the mind go back to the silence. The best way to silence the mind is by practicing some form of meditation.

Meditation tapes can be found almost anywhere. Most music shops and even the big retail stores usually keep them in stock. Some of these tapes are guided meditation tapes that demonstrate how to relax the mind. Meditation is a great way to train the mind to slow down these endless thoughts. Other meditation tapes are instrumental which will also help you to find the silent place (in the mind) where intuition lives.

Using the Mind

After you’ve learned to filter the thoughts in your mind, intuitive thoughts and ideas soon begin to surface. Listen to the information you receive. These thoughts are desperately trying to tell you something. The more you practice to quiet the mind the longer it will remain silent.

Writing is another great way to channel intuitive thought. Practice, practice, and more mental practice is the whole key to intuition. Everyone is intuitive, but some are just a little more gifted than others. The secret of intuition is the ability to listen to the silence with no preconceived thoughts.

Listen to the information you receive, and relate this information to your life and its emotional needs. Watch for the opportunities which present themselves and the so-called “coincidences” in life. Is there a connection between what your inner thoughts are telling you, and what’s happening in your life? Always listen to your inner voice when opportunities arise.

Peace of mind is something that everyone deserves. After a while, you learn to enjoy the peaceful quiet part of the mind, and also the simple intuitive thoughts which exist there. Now you know where intuition exists: just beyond the endless chatter of the mind. These are the very best tips that you can follow to develop your intuition. Moreover, for college students, there is also the option of tutor jobs that they can choose to polish their skills as they teach other students. 

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