The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

A lot of women are turning to laser hair removal in place of waxing or shaving. Laser hair removal almost guarantees permanent removal of hair and without too much pain. Here is my experience with laser hair removal.

Choosing a Doctor

I go to a dermatologist for my laser hair removal and I recommend that to others. I know other types of hair removal places offer laser treatment and for a cheaper price but, if you are talking about lasers and heat and my skin and hair I want a professional doctor doing it that offers affordable laser hair removal. You can get any place on your body done with laser hair. The newest lasers detect even red and blonde hair so everyone can use it.

The Procedure

You are to leave the area to be treated by the laser unshaved. Then the area cleaned, and a clear gel is applied. Then a cool burst of air from a machine is placed onto the gel on your skin and you are ready to begin. The laser itself is hot but the combination of cooling gel and cool air make it fine. The pain is a quick snap that can go from a small sting to feeling like a deep puncture but never unbearable. Some people take an Advil before or use numbing gel. I don’t feel either of these are necessary and I am pretty bad with pain. Keep in mind if it hurts that is a good thing it means the laser is killing the hair.

After the Procedure

After the laser hair removal is done aloe is applied to the treated area. I am fair skinned and I usually am only red for about 20 minutes. Keep shaving the area but over time you will notice it takes much longer for hair to grow, and eventually it doesn’t grow at all. When it comes in the hairs are much finer and softer. It is recommended you go every 4-6 weeks for about 4-6 treatments to see permanent results from the laser hair removal.

My Results

I think it definitely made a difference in hair growth. I am very happy with the results, but it isn’t all gone forever. It is drastically improved, and most of the hair hasn’t grown back. A promise of 100% hair not growing back at all just isn’t true for me. It is important to follow up 1 time every 6 months if you can to kill the remaining hairs. Hair grows in 3 phases so you might not get it the first few times to kill all cycles.

Laser hair removal does stop most hair from growing back. It is a much better alternative to electrolysis and waxing and not nearly as painful. It is expensive but if you are worried about excess hair growth in an area of your body it can really work wonders to make a difference in your appearance.

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