Top Five Action Games for the iPhone

Titles like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are great distractions for your average iPhone owner, but occasionally you need something with a bit more substance behind it and a lot more action than slicing fruit and launching birds. Thankfully, the iPhone is the sort of platform that can more than deliver a great title that would be just as at home with the PSP or DS. Here are a few of my favorites for Apple’s device.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

The much-anticipated sequel to Modern Combat delivers in a big way. Having extremely tight gameplay and a robust multiplayer system probably helps that though. Players are once again playing as a faceless commando sent against waves of enemies, but the online is where the real meat is. Giving tons of ranks and having a smooth system of connecting for pick up games allows these titles to succeed over its predecessor in a big way.

Samurai: Way of the Warrior

Titles, where you swipe at objects appearing on the screen, are a dime a dozen on the iPhone, but Samurai takes a different approach to the mechanic. The various gestures performed an act as combinations for your wandering ronin as he carves through the countryside. A comic book art style and challenging gameplay make for a viscerally satisfying experience that gamers shouldn’t ignore. Samurai is a gory title that has quite a bit of depth to it, and any iPhone gamer owes it to themselves to pick it up.

Corporate Fury

Imagine for a second you’re an executive trying to climb the corporate ladder. Instead of going about it by being a sycophant and engaging in a lot of subterfuge, you brutally beat down your superior to take their slot. This is the basic premise behind Corporate Fury, and it’s absurd enough to work. This little title resembles an action brawler circa 1998 on the Playstation and features rather smooth combat to complement its nostalgic feel. Gamers should pick this up for the premise alone, and stay for the furiously fast fights.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4

Sega’s track record has been less than stellar for around twelve years, thankfully their newest title featuring the blue hedgehog is a great deal of fun. Instead of being about a cast of characters that are too bland and uninspired to draw interest, Sonic 4 just focuses on what made the series fun in the first place: speed and platforming. Sonic 4 promises to be the first in an episodic series which is rather moronic, but at least they bringing out a title worthy of the franchise. It plays like a Genesis title with a few modern frills, and it’s utterly fantastic for doing it.

NY Zombies

Zombie games are plentiful on the App Store, thankfully this pint-sized shooter does an admirable job of depicting an apocalypse of the undead. Taking place in New York as the title says, gamers are taken from one set piece to another and remain totally stationary while attempting to fight off the scourge of the undead fast approaching them. Various weapons and upgrades are available, and it comes down to a matter of choosing the best kit per scenario given the limited inventory permission. It costs a mere pittance so it’s well worth it for a pick-up and goes sort of game.

These games are great additions to any iDevice gamer and certainly are good for a quick pick up game. It helps to have such great titles to pick from on the App Store, and there are certainly many more worthy action titles out there. These rank among my personal favorites, however, and I cannot help but suggest them to anybody looking for a new game to play. You can check out overwatch boosting to get a peek at game boosting. This service is not limited to overwatch only. You can link several other online games. It is really easy and effective to use, you get to chat with other users as well.

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