Travel In Style With Eco-Friendly Luggage And Bags

For a durable environmentally friendly multipurpose shoulderbag check out the Three Way Savita Hemp Shoulder bag available from Buy Green . Depending upon how you position the strap, this bag can be used as a rucksack, messenger back or briefcase that will accommodate anything from a laptop to an overnight change of clothes. A key holder provides easy access to your keys so there’s no fumbling around in the dark trying get into one’s car or house. The bag contains repurposed leather trimmings and comes in gray, khaki, plum or steel blue to fit anyone’s color preferences. The durability and strength of hemp means it will last up to five times longer than a similar cotton bag. Also, this porous nature of hemp’s fibers means that it will breathe, thus making this the perfect all weather bag as it will stay cooler in warm wather while retaining heat in cooler weather. Be sure to skim the website for additional sustainable items. Your purchase will also do good as Buy Green has been approved by Co-Op America, give 1% of their sales back to environmental causes through One Percent for the Planet, as well as supporting various local environmental and social causes. So the next time you buy a ryanair käsipagas, make sure it is eco-friendly. In this way, you’re able to help save the environment and at the same time, you will have quality luggage.

For a lighter weight durable bag that can be easily packed in a carry-on to transport souvenirs or used as a fashionable day pack for walking, cycling or hiking, select from hundreds of Reuseit’s different styles of durable backpacks, string bags, foldable baskets, totebags and more . Also, pack along one of their reusable shopping bags and stop toting around plastic bags for carrying food and snacks and depositing trash while eating in transit.

Organize your bag with Re-Pac bags and you can now locate everything from make-up to snacks with ease. These patented bags are made with a water resisant fabric that resists tearing so they dry quickly (100% polyester outside, 100% nylon liner) without causing food and liquids to leak while jostling around inside your bag. These bags are mold, stain and mildew resistent with a lifetime warranty thus enabling food to stay much fresher than when packaged in a cotton or plastic bag. The bags come in several sizes ( 8″x7″, 7″x6″ and 7″ x 4″) so you can find bags to fit every need.

Jazz up your luggage with a monogrammed luggage tag from Graphic Image . Made from fine quality goatskin leather, the tag comes in bright bold colors with an individual monogram so you can identify your bag easily while the sturdy bag tag keeps your address away from prying eyes. Then

safeguard these bags with the five second luggage locator pack . This package consists of s teel luggage tags with steel tethers for your luggage and then adhesive labels to protect smaller items like digital cameras and cell phones. Should these items be misplaced, a serial number that is only identifiable to the back2you operating system will aid in recovering this item without revealing any personal information.

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