Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Are Not the Same

If you have loose skin in the stomach or belly area, you might find that exercising and/or dieting are not very effective. Many times, there will also be a flap of tissue that hangs noticeably. Many women have this problem after they’ve delivered a child (or children). There isn’t much a person can do to make the stretched to regain its pre-baby contour. Typically, men do not have this problem, and they definitely do not have it as frequently.

The surgery used in this case is commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck.” The technical term is “abdominoplasty”. During this practice, the extra skin and fat underneath is removed resulting in flattening and toning of the stomach. Doing a tummy tuck actually pulls the abdominal muscles taut and they appear (almost) young again. The belly button’s also restored to a normal region.

Will there be scarring? Often, people considering a tummy tuck worry about having a scar after the procedure. It’s comforting to know any scarring will be strategically located, depending on the sort of clothes you like to wear. That way it isn’t noticeable when you are dressed. You’ll soon be wearing belly-baring clothes or even a two-piece bathing suit.

What does a tummy tuck involve? When you have a tummy tuck, you are put completely under anesthesia, meaning you will be deeply sleeping. Prior to the operation, the physician will mark the area to make the incision and how much tissue will be taken off. Once you are asleep, the tummy tuck, as described above, is done.

Should I get a mini tummy tuck? When you don’t have a significantly loose skin, but your belly button placement is too low, a doctor might decide to do a more limited procedure. This involves removing less skin and will still result in a flatter abdomen. Physicians also sometimes use an endoscope, which is less invasive, to increase muscle tautness.

What happens after I have the operation? Anyone who has just had a tummy tuck should try not to be active physically for up to three weeks. Short walks and moderate exercise may be reintroduced slowly and in increments. This also means no sex during that same three week time frame. It’s necessary to refrain from pregnancy for at least two years. Doctors generally advise you to hold off on this operation until you have decided to stop having children.

How is a tummy tuck different from liposuction? Flabby skin in the stomach area doesn’t really pull in well with liposuction when compared to a tummy tuck. Liposuction literally means sucking out the fat; it doesn’t have any effect on your skin. So, if you have quite a bit of loose skin, a tummy tuck is probably a more appropriate procedure.

When considering liposuction, keep in mind that its extremely costly and not many people are accustomed to going through its process without side effects depending on the body structure.

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