Types of Mattress And Which One Is Best For Your Home?

Getting a healthy amount of sleep at night is the key to being productive and being efficient at your work throughout the day. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. We need a maximum of 6 hours of sleep every night for overall good health.  And your mattress plays a pivotal part in ensuring that you get the peaceful slumber. Low quality and rigid mattresses can cost you more than a night of quiet sleep. It can cause chronic lower back pain and can be harmful in the long run for the health of your back.

The science behind a good mattress reveals that there is so much more to it than just comfort. Supposedly, the mattress must align with how your spine curves naturally and help evenly push out the pressure from one’s body to help you relax. This is subjective, as no two persons have the same pressure points. Chiropractors and orthopaedics often suggest keeping this in mind while browsing for a new mattress. Another factor that helps in finding the right mattress for you is your preferred sleeping position.

The bed linen industry at present offers an extensive catalogue of mattresses to select from. From unique technologies to different materials, today you can buy a mattress that will suit your sleep pattern and your budget too.  Here we have rounded up the best mattresses in the market at the moment:

  • Spring or coil mattress- Also called innerspring mattress, these are the traditional and most popular mattresses. Their main attraction is their affordability. These are the cheapest mattresses you can find in the market. Innersprings also come in different variants such as continuous coils, pocketed coils, offset etc. However, they are not very durable and have to be changed in two years or less, depending on usage.
  • Memory foam- NASA developed this technology for its precautionary seat cushioning used in instances of aeroplane crashes. It was integrated into mattresses, pillows, sofas and other furniture. The first memory foam mattress was called “tempur-pedic mattress” launched in 1991.

 In these mattresses, the foam conforms to the shape of your body to make it rest more easily. The foam absorbs your body heat and keeps you warm throughout the night. The memory foam mattress is a blessing for restless sleepers, chronic back pain sufferers and arthritis patients.

They are costly but considering their multiple health benefits; you should definitely buy them.

  • Latex – Made from eco-friendly rubber foam, Latex mattresses are seen as a better substitute for memory foam mattresses. They are highly durable. Latex also offers different levels of firmness to accommodate all kinds of sleeping positions. These are also less dense and absorb less body heat than memory foam.
  • Pillow tops- Pillow tops are an additional layer of bed linen made from either foam or latex or wool. These mattress covers are quite popular, a good alternative to buying a whole new mattress. Although a bit pricey, they are totally worth the money.
  • Water and Air Beds- Water bed mattresses contain a chamber of water that is padded with a firm foam layer on top. The water, although free to move from one end to the other, is not at all distracting while sleeping. These are highly recommended for back sleepers.

Air bed mattresses also use the same principle of air-filled chamber covered with a thick layer of foam or fibre. Air bed mattresses are especially recommended to patients with spinal cord injury as they have to spend hours lying on their backs.

  • Adjustable beds- These bring the picture of hospital beds to mind, but they are not exactly that, although they do use the same technology. Adjustable beds are the most flexible beds in the market, and they use mattresses that can bend, such as foam or fibre. These will allow you to bend forward or recline back. They are commonly used for working on bed or watching TV. However, Adjustable beds also have tons of health benefits. People suffering from sleep apnea, acid reflux, chronic hip, spinal pain and heartburn can greatly benefit from these mattresses.

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