Video Game Review: Red Dead Redemption

The newest sandbox adventure from Rockstar Games delivers a whole new world of gameplay coupled with the tried-and-true qualities of its past successes. Fans of the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto series can sink their teeth into the lawless action of the wild west in Red Dead Redemption. But this marriage of concepts is not without shortcomings. With GTA 5 mods ps4, playing GTA has become even more exciting and fascinating. So to help you know more about this amazing GTA game, here is a review of Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar Games veterans will have no problem taking to this game; the overall controls are only a slightly modified version of those in the Grand Theft Auto series. Riding a horse is simply as stealing a car! Drawing and firing a weapon is the same action as with previous titles as well. However, problems remain the same from past titles too. Often the player will find themselves aiming a shotgun at an innocent towns-person. Or, worse yet, the local sheriff. The games A.I. also seems lacking when it comes to taking cover, with the player randomly hiding on the wrong side of objects.


The game has a very unique visual style, with the sprawling, open landscape sweeping out before the gamer. Players might find themselves stopping to enjoy the view from the top of a mountain, with broad rivers flowing out from the base of a magnificent waterfall. The character models are also a treat to look at, with great facial expressions adding to the game’s feel. A few of the cut scenes seem blocky/jerky, but for the most part, they are rather enjoyable. The switch from cars to horses brings on of the greatest graphical changes, with animals now taking up many of the pixels. It is truly a joy to watch a group of wolves tries to chase down your speeding Stallion.

Audio is where the most glaring drawback of this new world of video gaming is noticeable. Since the vast majority of the game is played in the wilderness and plains, there is very little sound to be heard at all. The occasional animal noise is always a plus, especially when it’s the ominous growl of an approaching bear. However, beyond that, the sound is almost non-existent. There is almost no music, with the slight exception of pianos being played in the saloons. Without music to listen to on long rides across open countrysides, gamers are “treated” to the main character yelling at his horse every 20-30 seconds.

The game offers up a few little bonuses to the players, many of which are tied into the overall gameplay. For instance, before the player can proceed to the next mission, he is first shown how to play a game of Horseshoes. Other mini-games include Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack. These mini-games are fun to play and surprisingly well developed. Plus, if you are caught cheating you are forced into a duel! Other extra touches include a variety of side challenges the player can do, including hunting specific animals throughout the vast world.

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