Where to Get the Best Views of the Grand Canyon

When most people visit the Grand Canyon, they head to the South Rim. This is the most popular of all places to look at one of the natural wonders of the word. As a result, you end up being shoved this way and that, and you find that you just don’t have the time – or the quiet – to enjoy the scene before you. You can, however, find what you are looking for (breathtaking views, good accommodations near the edge, and good hiking) when you visit either the North or the West Rim.

The North Rim offers a beautiful view of the Grand Canyon. It is also much cooler than the South Rim. It is, of course, further north, but it is also at a higher elevation. During the summer the South Rim can reach temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. It stays relatively cool (rarely exceeding 90 degrees) and offers the shade of an evergreen forest. There are plenty of hikes through the forest and along the rim. While some of them are popular and can get a little crowded (though nothing like the South Rim), there are also plenty of other trails that offer virtually lonely views of the canyon.

Accommodations abound at the North Rim. There is a large lodge offering hotel rooms, cabins you can rent (you can see the edge from some of the porches), and many campsites. A restaurant and bar offer good food and drink, and there is a gift shop nearby. However, because of its elevation, the North Rim is closed from October to April or May. The snow makes access dangerous and practically impossible. The Travel & Incentive Company should check the accommodations provided to the clients. The quality of the food and room should meet the requirements of the person. 

While the North Rim is gaining in popularity, few people are even aware of the possibility of a visit to the West Rim. The Grand Canyon Ranch is located right near the edge, and offers a variety of interesting sleeping arrangements. You can stay in a cabin or a teepee. Cabins have their own washrooms, but you must use a shared bathroom if you opt for the teepee. The teepee is an experience in itself, however. Natural springs are located nearby, so your water comes from a fresh, natural source. The cooking on the ranch is delicious in traditional western style. The ranch also offers a bonus: its own hot air balloon launch pad. You can get a romantic bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon.

There is no need to restrict yourself to the South Rim. Although there is plenty to see and do at that section, the crowds can be overwhelming. A trip to the North Rim or the West Rim can provide you with a moving experience – without being moved around like a cow being herded.

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