With the New Year just round the corner, investors have already started planning for new investments. Bitcoin is one of the most speculated investment vehicles today. Naturally, alot of aspiring crypto investors are pondering on the idea whether or not to invest in BTC. Well, the main question that crops up here is that would Bitcoin investment be actually profitable or not. Now, whether investment in a coin would be profitable or not depends largely on its price value.

It can be stated here that more than 90 percent investors have found BTC buying & holding profitable. But, there is still some degree of apprehension about investing in Bitcoin given the coin’s recent bearish trend. However, a closer look at the latest crypto market will reveal that the coin has finally hit the bull run and is on rise once again at present. The good news is a great bunch of market experts are extremely positive about Bitcoin investment in the years to come.

Another crypto expert Tom Lee has noted that since fundamentals seem to be improving onthe BTC side, we can expect a rise in coin value in coming years.

What do the experts have to say?

Some experts are of the opinion that Bitcoin would surpass around 20 K USD in 2020 while some others also believe that the coin would reach to 40K USD. We all know about John McAfee’s famous prediction about Bitcoin. He has maintained his optimistic view till date and believes the coin will reach 1 million USD in the coming year. As per his tweets, he is confident that the market cap of the coin would be around 18 trillion USD in the coming months.

What could lead to rise of Bitcoin?

There are several factors that might lead to an outstanding rise of Bitcoin in the years to come. One of them is the upcoming event of BTC halving which is scheduled to take place in the month of May 2020. If we follow the previous instances of halving, Bitcoin price has always soared the next year after halving. Crypto experts are expecting something similar this time as well.

Then, there has been the entry of institutional investors in the BTC world in a large scale of late. Traditional institutions like banks had previously behind highly apprehensive of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. But today, many financial institutions are not only optimistic about Bitcoin but have launched their own cryptocoins as well. As per the sources, a leading German bank has predicted that BTC value would rise to a whopping 90,000 USD by 2020.

Besides, despite all the criticisms and bear runs, all will agree that there has been a widespread adoption of BTC worldwide. More than 100 merchants accept Bitcoin payments today and that include some of the biggies like Microsoft and Expedia.

There are various exchanges as well where you can trade Bitcoin. One of them is Deribit which is a crypto futures and options trading platform. As per deribit review, the platform assures super-fast trading with lesser to 1 MS latency.

Mention must be made of Fran Starjnar here who has claimed that Bitcoin might reach 200,000 USD by 2020. Strajnar is the celebrated CEO of a leading crypto research organization and one of the leading figures in the crypto industry today.

So, the picture seems to be quite bright for veteran and new Bitcoin investors. It won’t be exaggerating to claim BTC seems to hold great potential for investors in the coming year

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